Sisters Red ePUB å Hardcover

Sisters Red ePUB å Hardcover

Sisters Red ❮Ebook❯ ➧ Sisters Red ➨ Author Jackson Pearce – The story of Scarlett and Rosie March two highly skilled sisters who have been hunting Fenris werewolves who prey on teen girls since Scarlett lost her eye years ago while defending Rosie in an attack The story of Scarlett and Rosie March two highly skilled sisters who have been hunting Fenris werewolves who prey on teen girls since Scarlett lost her eye years ago while defending Rosie in an attack Scarlett lives to destroy the Fenris and she and Rosie lure them in with red cloaks a colour the wolves can't resist though Rosie hunts out of debt to her sister than drive But things seem to be changing The wolves are getting stronger and harder to fight and there has been a rash of news reports of countless teen girls brutally murdered in the city Scarlet and Rosie soon discover the truth wolves are banding together in search of a Potential Fenris a man tainted by the pack but not yet fully changed Desperate to find the Potential to use him as bait for a massive werewolf extermination the sisters move to the city with Silas a young woodsman and long time family friend who is deadly with an axe But the clues to finding the Potential aren't adding up and Scarlet is shocked to learn new details of Silas's family history Meanwhile Rosie finds herself drawn to Silas and the bond they share not only drives the sisters apart but could destroy all they've worked for.

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  1. Lucy Lucy says:

    I purchased Sisters Red because it was censored off of Bitch Magazine's 100 Young Adult Books for the Feminist Reader Someone linked to a review on Book Smuggler I read the review on Book Smuggler and purchased Sisters Red I'm one of those people who will read censored books just because they were censored Book censorship is basically one of the most ridiculous things you can do People just get curious about the why and really there's nothing pointless than pretending a book doesn't exist It's like playing hide and seek with a three year old who hides under a table or behind a curtain Their little feet are visible but they think if they can't see you then they're well hidden All the stuff in censored books exists off the pages of the book even if you clench your eyes tight and pretend it's not thereHowever after reading Sisters Red I've come to the conclusion that it wasn't censored It just didn't really belong on a list geared toward feminist literature Sisters Red is a YA book and it does have a female main character but I don't think it belongs on a shelf with YA feminist literature that would be like putting Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty adult books in the children's section because it's a fairytale A few YA authors Maureen Johnson Scott Westerfeld etc got up in arms over the removal of this book and a few others because it was censorship and therefore intrinsically wrong but I don't think Sisters Red makes for feminist reading Ultimately I believe Book Smugglers is correct about the victim blaming passage and there's than one of them in the book Scarlett lives and breathes to call other girls stupid for dressing scantily and I'm pretty sure she let a girl die to teach her and her friends a lesson but on that laterScarlett and Rosie March are Fenris hunters In Pearce's mythos the werewolves are called Fenris and can change whenever they want Fenris hunt young girls so they can eat their hearts and savour their fear before they do it I got the impression Fenris are not particular about what part of a girl they munch on despite the Pearce being specific about hearts early on The Fenris aren't interested in boys at least not according to book one Girls are what they munch on The younger and prettier the girl is the appealing she is It's also not just about the death itself but the fear building up around it What is it they say about rape? It's not about sex but about power right? YeahAnyway the March girls live alone Another YA story plagued with Disappearing Parent Syndrome and School I Don't Need No Stinking School itis The story opens with the girls at eleven and nine years old A Fenris attacks them killing their grandmother and permanently disfiguring Scarlett She loses an eye The girls have an on again and off again mother who takes care of them for a few years along with some neighbors Presumably she's been off again for some time when the story opens They have no fathers because even better than being a bad mother who vanishes on them often their mother couldn't keep track of who she took to bed The girls assume they are half siblings to begin with and that they have half siblings floating around either from their fathers who are unaware of them or another child from their motherScarlett and Rosie drop out of high school so that they can hunt Fenris Rosie doesn't particularly want to but she owes Scarlett her life She also laments about not being able to hold down a job because hunting Fenris is so much important than being able to pay your bills yet they are never tempted to share their knowledge of the Fenris Despite all the time they dedicate to hunting by Scarlett's count they've only killed 97 of Fenris For the amount of pages Scarlett scowls over other girls Dragonfly girls and their innocent stupidity she sure as hell isn't trying to make a public service announcement about it We the readers know she can't tell anyone about it because that would mean the idea of this secret world existing in our world would be revealed but she needs a valid reason for that in the pages of the book than that all other fantasy does itThe plot swells with the return of a friend and fellow hunter Silas Silas lives down the road and his family is the one that took care of Rosie and Scarlett Since Rosie and Scarlett are very much on their own I'm going to say Silas's family didn't care all that much Scarlett and Silas hunt together a lot and Rosie is the sidekick because despite being bitter that her sister is whole and beautiful Scarlett really wants to keep her that wayThe Fenris are active because apparently there's a Potential werewolf who is in a cycle where he can be turned from a human to a soulless monster Silas Rosie and Scarlett decide to go to Atlanta where the werewolf population is denser so they can hunt while the werewolves frantically search for this new possible werewolf Only men can become werewolves or at least all the werewolves we encounter are men Turning a new person into a Fenris is a big deal but refrigerator logic tells me that if upping the population by one was so important than they would have noticed Scarlett and company killing off nearly one hundred wolves in half a decade a wee bit sooner Oh who needs logic We've got a YA romance on our hands guys and that should distract you from noticing pesky little things like plot holesSilas and Rosie start giving each other long soulful gazes and touching each other in lingering ways It would have been cool to see the less than perfect less than totally gorgeous sister land the guy but since this is what Pearce gave us oh wait Silas is twenty one right? How old is Rosie? scours back through book Guys She's fucking sixteen years old She's sixteen and he's twenty one If this was addressed for even a paragraph in the book maybe I could've come to terms with it but it's not This is treated as perfectly normalWhen I was in high school one of my friends started sleeping with a man in his mid twenties I thought this was a Very Bad Idea and we or less stopped talking A few years later we bumped into one another on campus at college and she admitted it was a mistake and she pushed me out of her life because I was making her face up to that fact I didn't ask what happened with her and the guy who was a choir instructor at her church and married to boot but I thanked her for letting me know it wasn't really my fault we fell out of touch I think if she had gotten her hands on this book in high school it would have validated her relationship for her and that is wrong A twenty one year old dating a sixteen year old is wrong Even if you go by the laws of half your age plus eight he shouldn't have been with anyone younger than an eighteen year old which would have been a world appropriateAlso at the end of the book seven months after the events of most of Sisters Red Rosie and Silas go off on their own to travel and 'kiss like lovers' At best Rosie is now seventeen At worst she is still sixteen She has no parental figures in her life and now she's shacking up with a man in his twenties bouncing around the country She is completely and utterly dependent on him from money since she's never really had a job has no education and they're living on the money he got from selling his house It's even worse when you really think about how she dropped out of middle school never went to high school and has almost no world experience Silas is the only man to ever pay any attention to Rosie and he is a man not a boy Again shaking up with a guy significantly older than you and letting him pay for everything doesn't read perticularly feminist to meScarlett's relationship with Rosie is a weird mix of jealousy and possession They're both flat characters with no depth Scarlett is obsessed; Rosie is her indebted servant It would be one thing if Scarlett didn't realize how much her sister hated hunting but she's fully aware of the leash she's got her sister on and she responds by yanking the choke collar when she finds out Rosie and Silas are getting their dry hump on It is after all YA It's okay to promote rape culture not okay for consensual sex although in this particular case it would've been statutory rape so I suppose I'm actually grateful the sexual relationship is implied in a throwaway line later rather than ever explored The hatred Scarlett feels for the Dragonfly girls she constantly compares her sister to is pretty obvious These girls have no thoughts or opinions their level of education and contributions to society are nonexistent They are just pretty things with turuoise eyeshadow and lip gloss UGH They're constantly reduced to the idea of someone's daughter sister girlfriend etc etc None of these girls have any value by themselves just the value they hold to other people who will miss them if they get chowed on I'm not going to re uote the victim blaming passage Book Smugglers highlighted You can follow the link for that one I will however uote something else that really bothered me It's hard to tell whether Scarlett deliberately left the girls in danger to punish them for being stupid or to preserve their innocent stupidity Because she considers how she could take down the Fenris in human form before he got close without major conseuences I feel it was in part about punishing them for their innocent ignorance They're at least my age so how is it they laugh like children? They aren't like the sparkly club Dragonflies but some less adorned breed of Dragonflies in t shirts and jeans walking together down the city street with their arms linked and ponytails bobbing The Fenris watches them hungrily sniffing the air and grinning sickeningly when he catches the scent of their hair and perfume on the wind It doesn't matter that people are all around I can slaughter him like the monster he is then run They'll never find me I need thisExcept that it does matter Seeing the Fenris seeing what they really are it changes you It changes everything even if they don't take your eyes or your skin The Dragonflies will never be the same they'll have seen the darkness; they'll know it exists despite their glittery eye shadow and glossy lips They'll never look at the news the same way again never look at a man noticing their legs the same way never feel the same I would be killing not only the Fenris but also the girls' stupid ignorant innocenceScarlett regrets the possibility of exposing them; I want to believe she's looking for an opportunity to kill him away from the girls but I don't get why she can't kill him as a man If she can kill him when he's still in human form then the Dragonfly girls will never be exposed to the Fenris just some axe throwing psycho in a red cloak It's previously stated that Scarlett and Rosie try to wait until these things go full on wolf 'to be sure' but Scarlett IS certain If the author's intention is to show Scarlett regretting ruining their innocence then perhaps she shouldn't have Scarlett look down on them all for it through the rest of the book because to me this read like her letting them go off to the slaughterIn the end one of the girls gets ripped apart while our hero in red is trailing at a distance Scarlett steps on her elbow She saves the other two helpless lambs and shoves them in a cab apparently these girls didn't think the cops needed to be called Scarlett and Rosie are the only female characters in the book whose relationships can have depth and intensity? These girls are shaken up but in a self involved sort of way They're trembling and clutching each other but they don't mention their friend Actually I don't think they even got any dialogue whatsoeverThe big reveal is Silas is the Potential I saw it coming a long way off The plot twist of the wolves being too late when they bit him? I knew that too The author flatly states what time is too late and there's sentences referring to the bells of the church chiming making it clearly past the point when they could've turned SilasAlso I don't understand why the Fenris waited until so close to the dead line to schedule the main confrontation It didn't make sense They should have wanted a wide window between them and Silas being safe Also Rosie's escape from the werewolf clutches was just a chance to redeem her character as useful and not too stupid to live despite how often she 'forgot' her weapons at home There was a lot of convenient plotting in the book I'm not even getting into including Rosie meeting up with a Fenris at her tango lesson Yeah I'm being serious Swear to God Also that would be one of the occasions when she 'forgot' her weapons Later she gets kidnapped by the Fenris still no knives This is pretty much the definition of too stupid to live guysThis book is about as feminist as Twilight Just because Scarlett kicks some ass does not make her a feminist character If a guy I met implied half the things she actively thought I would've put my knee in his crotch early into the conversation Her obsession and fixations with hunting don't make her auto feminist outraged YA authors On top of all that this book was also poorly written The adverbs rain from the sky and the dialogue attribution adverbs It sounded very campy Here are a few gems there are worse examples but I can't be bothered to dig out the most awful bitsWait he whispers sharply I still won she snickers in response This might be a pet peeve but 1 I fucking hate the word snickers and 2 how do you snicker out dialogue Also thanks for the 'in response' part I never would've got that the statement was attached to the rest of the conversation without it We're not actually That was what Silas and I were sparring for He thinks I need to get out You do Silas interruptsYeah again I never would have gathered he was interrupting unless you used that for his dialogue tag Thanks

  2. karen karen says:

    still one of the best movie posters everstill one of the best songs everso i understand why barnes and noble has this filed under teen paranormal romance but that is really a terrible designation franklyit is terrible that such a category even exists or that there are such a substantial number of books in the section to my way of thinking it should really only be like half a shelf like the agriculture section in our store because really in nyc who needs that many books about how to raise chickens?teen paranormal romance gross seriously why are girls so into falling in love with corpses or werewolves? kids got some sick kinks these daysbut my point is this is not a paranormal romance it is just a twist on the little red riding hood tale two sisters with three eyes between 'em battle fenris with the help of a dashing woodsmangod that sounds stupidbut it's actually really enjoyable when the sisters were young they were attacked by a fenris kind of like a werewolf but not dependent upon the cycles of the moon necessarily one sister sacrificed herself and one of her eyes eee to save her younger sister now they are all grown up and they battle the fenris wherever they find them with red cloaks and hatchets and knives and feminine wiles pretty badass scarlett is the older sister horribly scarred from her years of single mindedly and obsessively destroying fenris rosie is the younger novice hunter who feels compelled to hunt because of the sacrifices her sister made for her but who still yearns for a regular life like a regular girlsilas is the dreamy woodsman who has known both the girls from childhood and lends his axe to the fight and by axe i meanwell axe but also some smoldering feelingsthis could easily be stupid but it is a really great concept because see fenris are drawn to young girls young pretty good smelling girls who are too oblivious to the dangers around them girls who maybe get a little too drunk at a club in their miniskirts and tottery heels who let themselves get into situations that end badly for them mmm marinated in vodka all the better to eat you with my dear and scarlett is their protector the patron saint of dumb drunk chicks and it would be nice if such a patron saint existed but they don't so seriously ladies stay in control there are all kinds of predators and not all of them will have doggy breath some may even seem civilizedthe relationship between the sisters was particularly well done theirs is a bond based upon a chilling formative years experience and a common goal that has to necessarily remain unshared with the greater world with silas the three of them form this tiny insular circle binding them ever tighter into what should be a claustrophobic situation but throughout all of the danger and the petty suabbles and the misunderstandings their sisterhood prevails it is a wonderful testament to sistersi'm a little partial short and stout to fairy tale retellings but even without that setup it is a pretty cool story about some kickass young ladies and one guy but mostly the ladies i do recommend it to people who like the YA action books but i honestly wouldn't stress the romantic elements they are not what is carrying this bookand again ladies mind the wolvescome to my blog

  3. Emily May Emily May says:

    I am confident I am capable and I will not wait to be rescued by a woodsman or a hunter I will escape 35Hmm this is a very difficult book to rate One one hand it contains most of the elements I consider important in a good urban fantasy novel tough heroines nice love interest but with the story focus being on bigger things than whether or not they'll get together mean and nasty supernaturals touch of grittiness yet I still had a few problems I thought Rosie was a very dull character for 95% of the novel but the worst part was that the whole big mystery would be obvious to anyone with half a brain cell from page 50 onwards especially if you read the blurb which gives everything awayI find it actually uite odd that Jackson Pearce built it up as such a huge mystery I was sure that there had to be some twist coming because honestly I am one of the densest readers out there and I saw it coming a mile offHowever the story is very fast paced and easy to read The first 100 pages are just your standard fairytale retelling stuff bit of background information that draws parallels between this story and the tale of Red Riding Hood two sisters become hunters to avenge their grandmother's death and also to protect other girls from falling prey to the fenris Things really start to get interesting after the 100 page marker when the girls move to the city and start hunting the bigger predators There's a lot to be enjoyed in this bookPerhaps the story's strongest aspect for me was the relationship between the two sisters It was a strong convincing bond that people only develop through sharing unspeakable and horrific experiences But I found Scarlett the older sister to be the far better and interesting and just well rounded character After losing an eye and being left deformed in the attack that killed her grandma Scarlett has become the scarred warrior She is obsessed with hunting and revenge she loves her sister and would go to extreme lengths to protect her yet at the same time she holds a secret envy of her sister's beauty and her ability to have a normal life and boyfriend She is the far complex sister Whereas Rosie is supposed to be the opposite a romantic dreamer secretly longing for a normal life outside of hunting I found her boring That is until she decided to turn out the best uote of the book see top of reviewI was pleased to discover that the description's emphasis on the romance in the novel is not particularly reflective of the story itself The romance is only a very small part of the plot with a male character who is kind and respectful surprising seeing as Becca Fitzpatrick is uoted on the back of my copySo this was a good book not a great book but I may read some by this author in the future to see what else she cooks up This is good if you're looking for some light if slightly gory entertainment

  4. jv poore jv poore says:

    This was a fun read without being fluffy Strong characters with flaws and realistic emotions The story pulls you in uickly with a scare intrigues you with the unbreakable or so they've always thought bond of sisters makes you sigh with a bit of tenative romance then wraps you up with a mystery What else could you want? A were wolf? Ahhh then meet Ms Jackson's Fenris Sisters Red a book with a little bit of everything that I love in a good book Enjoy

  5. Katya Katya says:

    Okay Sisters Red we need to sit down and have a little chatI love strong characters I love strong female character I especially love strong female characters who happen to kick a lot of arse You think there isn't a difference but actually there's plenty Because sometimes writers try to have strong kickass female characters but only end up with the kick ass part and leave the strong one outTo put it in another way whenever I read books like Sisters Red I feel like the writer wanted something like thisBut end up with something like thisIn other words they try to make a badass character but they think that the only thing that makes them badass is the fact that they well fight a lot unbelievable how many times you can use the word ass in a sentence The actual plot of the book is a revamp of the original story Little Red Riding Hood Sisters Scarlett and Rosie March were attacked by a werewolf called Fenris in this world when they were little and they haven't been the same since Scarlett badly injured and bitter spends all her time hunting while Rosie is torn between her 'duty' and her desire for something Things change when their childhood friend and fellow hunter Silas comes back from San Francisco and Fenris start popping around every corner Suddenly Scarlett and Rosie are forced to look at all the things they were ignoring and to acknowledge that things need to changeBut hey you say that's not all fighting is it? Excellent ground for character developmentYes it is And the March sisters do grow into that ground but not uite in the direction I wished they would go inScarlett was probably the most problematic of the three characters because she has all the markings of a bad ass character but her whole story arc seems to be less about her and about supporting the SilasRosie romance Let me explain Scarlett's evolution as a character revolves around the fact that she is the older sibling and that she has always protected her sister She also fights a lot but not just because her grandmother's philosophy stuck it's made clear early in the story that she uses the hunt to make herself feel completeAnd that's all well and good except in the end she hasn't moved much past that She's let her sister go but she can't let go of the hunt out of some weird sense of duty The problem with this is that Rosie isn't the only sister who wishes for a normal life Scarlett does often wonder what might have happened if she hadn't been scarred but cannot afford the same happily ever after as Rosie in the end because she doesn't fit in the normal mould in the same way her sister does And it bothers me because it is such a lazy move The pretty sister and her boyfriend are than happy to let Scarlett handle all the responsibility while they're out in the world living their normal lives and they're fine because well that's what she wants and doesn't mind being left aloneBullshit I know how the story is but they just come off as a couple of assholes Why couldn't the scarred sister get the guy? Why couldn't her character be given development other than loves to fight and bring justice? And don't even get me started on Silas view spoiler So what he loved Scarlett but thought she didn't love him than the hunt? And he only thought to tell her after he hooked up with her sister? Did it never occur to him to oh make an effort? Try and make Scarlett feel better about herself rather than alienate her and feed her obsession? hide spoiler

  6. TheBookSmugglers TheBookSmugglers says:

    Originally reviewed on The Book Smugglers back in 2010 a few months later this review caused a shitstorm online and you can read about it here Ana’s takeListenI could tell you that for the first pages of this book I was completely engrossed in the story How could I not? I mean a dark violent even retelling of Red Riding Hood in which two sisters are the hunters who kill the wolves? I am in It helps that the first pages were very gripping back in the past when the kids lived with their grandmother and were attacked by a passing werewolf and Scarlett the oldest sister protects the younger Rosie almost to her own death losing an eye in the fight and becoming scarred for life Then as teenagers they fall in the roles that they have taken for themselves that day Scarlett the protector Rosie the protégée – both eually fierce Hunters but with a striking difference Scarlett sees nothing but the hunt Rosie wants something else for her lifeI could tell you that I like the prose But also that the tale and the alternating chapters between the two sisters get repetitive very soon I could tell you that when the next door neighbour a woodsman hunter named Silas comes back to town that I knew Rosie would fall for him and that their story was actually uite sweetI could definitely tell you that part of what makes me like the book to begin with is the fact that making the two girls the ones who go after the werewolves to kill them is rather an empowering take on the original taleI could tell you all thatBut what I really want to tell you is when I hit page 108 of the ARC I went nuts You see it is part of this retelling that the werewolves are predators who are after young pretty girls As part of their hunting routine Rosie will dress up put on make up and perfume because she usually doesn’t do that as she is a “natural beauty” Obviously Scarlett being the ugly scarred sister just sits back to attack when Rosie has played the role of prey So page 108 Scarlett is outside a nightclub observing the girls in the ueue to get in They’re adorned in glittery green rhinestones shimmery turuoise and auamarine powders streaked across their eyelids Dragonfly girls Their hair is all the same long and streaked spiralling down their backs to where the tiny strings holding their tops on are knotted tightly Their skin glows under the neon lights – amber ebony cream – like shined metal flawless and smooth I press harder against the crumbly brick wall behind me tugging my crimson cloak closer to my body The scars on my shoulders show through fabric when I pull the cloak tight Bumpy red hills in perfectly spaced lines The Dragonflies laugh sweet and bubbly and I groan in exasperation They toss their hair stretch their legs sway their hips bat their eyes at the club’s bouncer everything about them luring the Fenris Inviting danger like some baby animal bleating its fool head off Look at me see how I dance did you notice my hair look again desire me I am perfect Stupid stupid Dragonflies Here I am saving your lives bitten and scarred and wounded for you and you don’t even know it I should let the Fenris have one of you No I didn’t mean that I sigh and walk to the other side of the brick wall letting my fingers tangle in the thick ivy It’s dark on this side shadowed from the neon lights of the street I breathe slowly watching the tree limbs sway backlit by the lights of skyscrapers Of course I didn’t mean it Ignorance is no reason to die They can’t help what they are still happily unaware inside a cave of fake shadows They exist in a world that’s beautiful normal where people have jobs and dreams that don’t involve a hatcher My world is parallel universe to their – the same sights same people same city yet the Fenris lurk the evil creeps the knowledge undeniably exists If I hadn’t been thrown into this world I could just as easily have been a DragonflyI felt extremely uncomfortable with this passage but as much as this is some serious twisted thinking I can understand Scarlett feeling this way She is an angry character full of regret jealousy – and being scarred and ugly does get to her seeing as how she keeps going on and on about it So the text above is in keeping with this characterBUTTwo lines down and Silas joins her as she observes him His eyes narrow in something between disgust and intrigue as though he’s not certain if he likes looking at them or not I want to comment but I stay uiet Somehow it feels important to wait for his reaction Silas finally turns to look at me in the shadows “It’s like they’re trying to be eaten isn’t it? he asks pointedly “Can I tell you how glad I am that and Rosie aren’t like them?” “No kidding” I grin relieved “Rosie could be if she wanted though She’s beautiful like they are” “Beauty has nothing to do with it Rosie could never be one of them Do you really think they’d dress and act like that if they knew it was drawing wolves toward them?”No NO NO NO NO JUST NOBy then I was beyond uncomfortable I was downright angry The meta is thus the girls should know better If they knew better they would change their behaviour and would not be attacked This is what I read But this is not what I should be readingNEVER EVER blame the victims The blame always always lies with the criminal or predatorAnd just like that I am done with the book Because I can’t respect the characters who think like this because I lost respect for their motivation for being hunters it’s not about REALLY about protecting the girls is it? It is almost about proving a point and if I can’t relate with their plight then the book is nothing to me Because the bottom line is this the book empowers women yes but ONLY certain types of girls not all of them And I am sick and tired of books that associate girls that are self confident and beautiful with being shallow and superficial and deserving of bad things happening to them SICK AND TIREDThat is not ok I did read till the bitter end in the hopes that another character would come in and say “yo stewpid GET A GRIP” but alas no such thing has happened I can’t even be bothered to rate this book I will only sayFAILThea’s TakeClearly Ana feels VERY strongly about this book especially about the excerpt above Now I’ll admit that when I first read this passage I didn’t immediately see what Ana picked up on I tend to get annoyed with flitty girls in general and Scarlett’s anger at the “dragonflies” seems well founded and in line with her character regardless of whether I liked her character or not As a scarred bitter young woman dedicated to destroying all Fenris at any cost this sort of thought process makes perfect sense for someone like ScarlettBut then after Ana pointed out the next section it made me think about the overall messageand I stand firmly with Ana EnragedJust because a girl is pretty and likes to look pretty; just because a girl goes out to the club in revealing clothes; just because a girl likes the attention that comes with being young and attractive this DOES NOT MEAN she is stupid or a whore or fucking “asking for it” pardon my French but this is a disgusting mindset and pisses me off to no end It is frustrating – no infuriating – beyond belief that the women in Sisters Red are so stereotyped and marginalized Don’t get me wrong – I love warrior womenstrong womenbadass fighter women as much as the next person But this gross generalization that girls that go out to have fun and be noticed are somehow billions of times inferior to their too tough to look pretty but OF COURSE are effortlessly gorgeous eyes rolling counterparts?Nu uh Not coolNow you might be telling yourself ‘well these two seem to be taking a single passage a bit far’ or something to that end Well folks unfortunately Sisters Red has a whole lot of other problems too1 The characters are mind numbingly repetitive and boringInitially I found a lot to like with Sisters Red The opening scene with Grandma valiantly holding off the big bad wolf to save the children and then Scarlett’s desperate last stand to save Rosie is EPIC I loved that Scarlett is abrasive and tough that she’s missing an eye and is both terrified of the wolves yet completely in love with the hunt I love that Rosie is a different person – that she cannot remember the past too clearly and that she clearly loves Lett but needs to grow to be her own personBUT All of this? All this promising characterization is exhausted in the first thirty or so pages of the book From then on it is of the same Scarlett gets mad at Rosie for being careless Scarlett goes hunting for Fenris Scarlett gets mad again and wallows in her pit of eternal self suffering Meanwhile Rosie wants to be taken seriously and thinks Silas is freaking HAWT But she wants to be taken seriously She tries to make peace with Scarlett and Silas is HAWT And so on and so forthThings get pretty dull pretty uickly These characters never felt real to me – like your standard cardboard stand ins Just because characters are “troubled” doesn’t immediately mean they are well developed SHOW me Don’t keep TELLING me2 The “Romance” is the same predictable uninspired tripeFrom the second Rosie sees Silas and vice versa it’s all “he looks different his jaw is so angular and manly” and “she looks different all ‘grown up’ and beautiful” I’m paraphrasing of course To be honest I’m sick of it Could this book just have been about the sisters without one of them needing the catalyst of falling in love with the studly boy next door? ARGHOf course this could just be me and how burned out I am with YA paranormal romance Lots of people love this stuff I unfortunately am at the end of my rope3 The hunting element of the story is STUPIDCaps lock engaged WHY THE HELL WOULD THESE SISTERS BE HUNTING WITH HATCHETS AS OPPOSED TOI don’t knowGUNS???? If Scarlett’s true ambition is to take out every single “Fenris” on the planet wouldn’t it make sense to take out a bunch of them with a semi automatic weapon as opposed to the good ol’ woodsman hatchet techniue? And while scampering around in a blood red cloak is awesome and all this book doesn’t exist in a vacuum The story takes place in MODERN DAY The red riding hood cloaks while they go great with the idea of the story aren’t exactlycongruous with the time period Not to mention you’d think the stupid wolves would remember two chicks – one with an eyepatch – hunting around not so incognito in bright red cloaksAlso in my opinion the term “Fenris” is stupid Is it plural? Singular? Yeah yeah I get that it derives from Fenrir – but “Fenris” just looks stupid and forced to me If you’re going with Norse mythology stick with the root name That is if you’re not going with the familiar “werewolf” terminology which doesn’t make sense in the first place given how much prevalent “werewolf” is in modern vernacularThese were my issues with Sisters Red – which arose long before the club scene – and they were enough to make me put down the book

  7. Rissa Rissa says:

    Best red riding hood retelling ive ever read I loved the wolf hunting it reminded me of supernatural And the two sisters relationship is strained and broken but still so strong I loved the semi love triangle and the friendship between the three of themSo strong and connected and secretive all at once Alot of it actually reminds me of supernatural which might be why i like it so much Looking for the potential and plot twistI also really like both points of view Each sisters POV kept me entertained and i enjoyed reading both but i liked Rosies a bit better

  8. Candace Robinson Candace Robinson says:

    Oh boy So Little Red Riding Hood is one of my favorite fairy tales ever so I was pretty excited for this one And I will say this retelling was a lot of funBut here’s my issue First I think Scarlett should have been the love interest of Silas But if it couldn’t have been Scarlett I would have been fine with Rosie But what I’m not fine with is that Silas is 21 and Rosie is 16 Would it have been that hard to have bumped Rosie’s age up or Silas’s age down? And then there were several situations where there were old Fenris wolves that lusted for Rosie as well so that made me feel weird too Other than that the retelling aspect felt original with good dialogue and a super interesting concept Plus anything with werewolves can draw me in

  9. Kristi Kristi says:

    I loved Pearce's debut novel As You Wish and while I loved the idea of Sisters Red I just enjoy it uite as much as I did As You WishI loved how Pearce portrayed Rosie and Scarlett's world it was almost like they lived in this fairy tale realm that was on the outer edge of a world much like our own there was something very notable about that And I loved the relationship between the sisters Having two sisters of my own I understand how strong of a bond sisterhood can be Not to mention that the plot twist was AWESOME even though I kinda sorta saw it coming And Pearce's writing was top notch just as it was in As You WishBut I guess that is where my love for this novel ended I had a really hard time getting into the story It just didn't seem like much was happening Sure there were some kick ass fights every once in a while but it just wasn't all that interesting I found Scarlett's passion of killing the Fenris to be annoying She was too selfish of a character and her abilities where just a little too unrealistic for me did she honestly think she could go on with it being just the three of them like this forever? Perhaps I would have enjoyed the story if it would have been told solely from Rosie's point of view Scarlett started to grow on me a little bit there in the end but I was still bitter with her from all of her crap at the beginningThe romance between Silas and Rosie was something that I did enjoy It was sweet and endearing And I almost wish Scarlett might have had a little bit of love to soften her rough edges not that love is the answer to everything wrong in Scarlett's world but I think the healing of power of love might have done her a little goodSo to break it down I loved the story the writing and some of the characters It was a little bit slow for me and had a hard time getting into but I am glad that I stuck through and made it to the end

  10. Kiki Kiki says:

    Le sigh This book should be called Sisters Miss The Point

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