Things You Should Know Epub Î Things You PDF \

Things You Should Know Epub Î Things You PDF \

  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Things You Should Know
  • A.M. Homes
  • English
  • 13 October 2014
  • 9780060520137

10 thoughts on “Things You Should Know

  1. Allison Allison says:

    AM Homes is so dark that I sometimes can't bear it But this collection blew me away especially the long story that fictionalizes Ronald and Nancy Reagan It is fantastical yet realistic hilarious and oddly moving Actually I think that's what I like about AM Homes She leaves me with a pleasant emotional confusion

  2. Megan Jones Megan Jones says:

    Another stunningly twisted collection of short stories by AM Homes The only reason for rating it four instead of five stars is because Safety of Objects is still my favorite But this collection doesn't fail to disappoint In typical Homes style she mixes the typical suburban family life with dark frightful twists and turns that one can only imagine in their nightmaresor their hidden reality Another added bonus a few of these stories take place in my hometown of the Hamptons and Homes nails the Hamptons experience perfectly telling me she must have spent some considerable time theremaybe one of these days I'll run into one of my favorites authors in my hometown

  3. Chris Kelly Chris Kelly says:

    In the interests of full disclosure I should begin by saying that I am a HUGE fan of AM Homes work May We Be Forgiven This Book Will Save Your Life and above all The End of Alice should be at the top of everyone's must read list in 2019Things You Should Know is a gritty and unnerving  collection of short stories and while it's not up their with her greatest works there is enough here to keep you thoroughly entertainedFor me the joy of an AM Homes story is the way that she marries the macabre with the mundane the disfunctional with the domestic and in Things You Should Know she does this to devastating effect

  4. Stefan Fergus Stefan Fergus says:

    A couple of these stories were really good the last one about the Reagans was pretty moving but others didn’t work for me too weird or bluntly ugly characters Still an overall fan of the author Have an eARC if her next short story collection which I’ll read soon

  5. Malcolm Malcolm says:

    There are only a few writers who do broken people uite as well as Homes – although both Barbara Gowdy and Jayne Anne Phillips come close Many of Homes’s characters are slightly off kilter alienated uncertain of their place in the world either by virtue of age or by changed circumstance in many cases they feel stuck trapped or lost but unable to work out what to do This is what provides the thematic core of this excellent collection of stories many of which teeter on the brink of the grotesue and as a conseuence are both poignanttragic and funny at once although not in a laugh out loud kind of funny but a kind of tristesse – perhaps in this case best understood as a kind of melancholic comedyabsurdity One of Homes’s great strengths is her ability to write children and adolescents this is the better parallel with Phillips in a way that blends naivety with worldliness liminality and out of placeness with plans and desires these complex children appear throughout her fiction providing the core of 4 of the stories in this collection The other recurring motif in her fiction – most obviously in Music for Torching – is domestic dystopia central to several other pieces in this collection In both these motifs there is a powerful sense of people trying to be somewhere or something else – the character who wants to die so he says but in the end wants to live but doesn’t know how; the woman who pursues a uniue path to conception inspired by her grandmother who “would never have gotten married if she could have gotten out of it” or the character in the very brief gorgeous title story who is sure of having missed the day in 4th grade when the teacher gave out the list of ‘things you should know’ and whose life is therefore incomplete There are two stories that don’t uite fit this framework – but fit the book; ‘The Whiz Kids’ – less dystopian than downright bleakly malignant and ‘The Weather Outside is Sunny and Bright’ about a shape shifting forensic architect In a strange way these two that don’t uite fit remind us of the richness of Homes’s oeuvre and shake us as readers or perhaps me as a reader out of the view that she is an author of slightly discombobulated families But perhaps the most potent stories are ot the ones of not uite fitting but of all to believable tragedy – the 12 year old boys whose summer is disrupted by death not of someone they know but by someone they know and the closing story ‘The Former First Lady and the Football Hero’ – a not even disguised tale of Ronald Reagan’s Alzheimer’s which includes perhaps the exchange of the collection; he asks if he had an affair she replies ‘Iran Contra?’As with so much of the rest of Homes’s work including her work on The L Word this collection is gorgeous poignant and a reminder that she is not just as Zadie Smith once described her ‘a writer’s writer’ but one of the great contemporary authors who deserves to be much widely read These are what the short story should be powerful sharply insightful and than just a little disturbing

  6. David Fore David Fore says:

    For the life of me I don't know why AM Homes isn't read by everyone Sort of a cross between Sarah Schulman and Don DeLillo Homes a great writer who knows how to create compelling characters and situations that are profound and often super funny She gets pigeon holed as a literary writer because she's so damn good but casual readers interested in passing the time with a good book are likely to get what they're looking for when they pick up any of her work This collection of stories is as good as any book to start with Through rich narratives and closely observed interactions Homes exposes the vagaries of the human heart and the strange expectations of the social order The stuff hits home

  7. Simon Smith Simon Smith says:

    This is Homes at her warped best She really impressed me with this collection especially with the brilliant short story Do Not Disturb which later was included in the O'Henry Awards anthology Homes has a vibrant imagination and her subjects and characters always shine on the page

  8. Sheri LaVigne Sheri LaVigne says:

    I am in love with AM Homes I ended up savoring these stories as long as I could but like any good addiction I devoured them This is the kind of writing I'm envious of people to have the first experience of

  9. Haley Petcher Haley Petcher says:

    I don't think I'm going to rate this book because I don't know howAM Homes is an excellent writer I love her style and her characters feel so real to me However sometimes the stories are too much for me They're intriguing but they can also be sort ofcasually grotesue and disturbing particularly in a sexual manner That's probably the wrong way to say it but it's what I have right now Still her investigation of the ugliness in humanity is fascinating There are also some beautiful stories like Things You Should Know I love this story which is why I bought the collection If you enjoy Things You Should Know you should definitely read The Safety of Objects Every story in that collection seems to focus on the objectification of something or someone

  10. Heather Fowler Heather Fowler says:

    I have consumed this book in two sittings I love the drama and brutal revelations in these stories Read this on the recommendation of a friend and have already recommended it to another friend Literary short fiction with a bite—from openly hostile couples to lifeguard stalkers and cancer patients this book is enough to rip apart the seams of casual reading and take the reader to places she may not have wanted to go but finds herself staring down regardless Ah well looks like I now have to get some of Homes’s books Yay I am so picky Love when I find another author I have to read from

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Things You Should Know❄ [KINDLE] ✽ Things You Should Know By A.M. Homes ➝ – In this stunningly original collection A M Homes writes with terrifying compassion about the things that matter most Homes's distinctive narrative illuminates our dreams and desires our memories and l In this stunningly original collection A M Homes writes with terrifying compassion about the things that matter most Homes's distinctive narrative illuminates our dreams and desires our memories and losses and demonstrates how extraordinary the ordinary can be With Uncanny emotional accuracy wit and empathy Homes takes us places we recognize but would rather not go alone.

About the Author: A.M. Homes

AM Homes first name Amy is the author of the novels This Book Will Save Your Life Music For Torching The End of Alice In a Country of Mothers and Jack as well as the short story collections Things You Should Know and The Safety of Objects the travel memoir Los Angeles People Places and The Castle on the Hill and the artist's book Appendix A An Elaboration on the Novel the End of A.