Animals Black and White PDF/EPUB ✓ Animals Black

Animals Black and White PDF/EPUB ✓ Animals Black

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  1. Molly Cluff (Library!) Molly Cluff (Library!) says:

    This book is pretty rad because it zooms in close on an animal zebra pattern killer whale spots etc and gives clues about the animal then you have to guess what animal it is Some were hard to guess even for me You'd probably have to make a rule for the kids to raise their hand once they know what animal it is so it doesn't descend into chaos XD

  2. Ashley Ashley says:

    Illustrated by Phyllis Limbacher TildesPublished 1996Non fiction Puzzle picture bookSummaryThe book gives several clues along with a close up picture of several black and white animals The child must guess what animal heshe thinks it is and turn the page to see if they are correct and learn facts about the animal The end of the book has an instructional glossary with even facts about the animalsEvaluationThe book is a great one to have children to listen to the text and look at the pictures to put together what animal is being described The book is intended for emergent readers but I think some of the vocabulary would be a little difficult I would definitely used the book for an interactive read aloud in the younger grades The illustrations are beautifully done both the close ups and the full pages The text is always in the left upper corner so the students know where to look The book is very organized with every four pages dedicated to the same animal The facts are accurate and give enough description without overwhelming the reader None of the facts appear to be outdated1 Vocabulary to go over predator mammal bamboo and chrysalis In the first lesson maybe read the book and then ask the students what they think the words mean based on the context clues and then review with every subseuent reading2 After reading the book ask the students why they think the word fly is in uotation marks

  3. L11_Page L11_Page says:

    I viewed the audiovisual version of this on Tumblebooks It's intended for the K 3 audience but could really be pushed down to preschool The narrator's pleasant voice gives us a riddle ending with What am I? and the next page shows the animal All the animals are black and white including the loon panda skunk and orca whale Each riddle gives out clues as to the animal eat bamboo use a smell to scare away enemies etc This is an easy version to follow since the words are highlighted as the narrator reads them When the riddle is being read only part of the animal is being shown When the animal is revealed you see it in its entirety and it is moving which is captivating for children Animals Black and White received good reviews from Kirkus among others and I've used it with Kindergartners as part of our non fiction curriculum and they really enjoy trying to figure each riddle out This could be extended into a project where the kids write their own riddles to share with each other and made into a non fiction class book It would also be a lesson on fluency since the narrator speaks smoothly and emphasizes the punctuation uestion mark with each riddle

  4. Beverly Kennett Beverly Kennett says:

    I read this book on wwwtumblebookscomThe sentences or phrases were highlighted as the narrator read each riddle describing a black and white animal Then the text asks What am I? before the animals name is given I liked how the pictures of the animals slowly came into clear view as the clues were given instead of using a stationary image The aspect of this book that I think is the best is that after the animal is identified ther is information given about that animal Often once the riddle is solved a new riddle begins and it doesn't give a child time to process all the information just received from the text The reader is expected to switch gears immediately to a new animal or idea I also loved the descriptive vacabulary used in this picture book written for preschool or Kindergarten children

  5. Sherry Sherry says:

    black and white pics where you see just a small portion of an animal and some clues about them You have to guess who they are followed by full color pics of the whole animal in their environment and interesting info about them

  6. Lauren Lauren says:

    Goes through a list of animals that are black and white with clues about them The children guess which animal they are The animals include a zebra an orca a panda bear a loon duck a skunk a penguin and a butterflyCan do an activity where the children dress up as the animals

  7. L11_Silvia Celis L11_Silvia Celis says:

    Listened to this book on Tumblebookscom

  8. Ashley Allen Ashley Allen says:

    This is a great book to talk about animals with the colors black and white It also describes fully the animals that are black and white

  9. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Claire loved this book Every time there was a baby animal on the page she awwwed her little heart out So sweet Great nonfiction book for young children

  10. Colleen Colleen says:

    Watched this book on Tumble Books; a neat service

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Animals Black and White ❴Read❵ ➲ Animals Black and White Author Phyllis Limbacher Tildes – Phyllis Limbacher Tildes deftly delivers the pieces to put together these pattern puzzles First take a peek at each black and white animal and read a short clue Can you guess who it is Turn the page a Phyllis Limbacher Tildes deftly delivers the pieces to put together these pattern puzzles First take a peek at each black and white animal and read a short clue Can you guess who it is Turn the page and the answer is revealed in vivid color Animal facts are included at the end.