Kiss Like You Mean It PDF Í You Mean PDF ↠

Kiss Like You Mean It PDF Í You Mean PDF ↠

10 thoughts on “Kiss Like You Mean It

  1. Joy (Cheery♡Reads) Joy (Cheery♡Reads) says:

    I came across this book from Sophie Kinsella's updates on her Autumn Readsthe synopsis of the novel caught my attention When I look for it here in Goodreads I knew I had to read it I was so into wanting to get my hands on it that I couldn't think about anything else other than reading this novel I didn't have the mood to read any other book until I've read Kiss Like You Mean It It was really absorbing I love everything about it I can imagine myself reading this at the beach It's a perfect beach read I will not give away any spoilers i totally love this and I could hardly put it down

  2. Kelsey Banks Kelsey Banks says:

    Gave up 23 through couldn't stand the writing style which was all over the place and the story was tedious despite sounding interesting Not recommended

  3. Nayab Nayab says:

    Perfect example of a book that comes out of nowhere at least for me and captures your heart

  4. Rosie Rosie says:

    I read this book whilst I was on the beach I managed to read this in one day as I simply couldn't put it down I liked the twists that were in the book and I liked the characters although I felt that the director should have been dominant with certain actors rather than letting them do what they like This book has many funny moments in it and you find yourself wanting the main characters to get together even though you think that she will just be used by him because of his fame and the fact that he knows he can get what he wants whenever he wants it It was well written with an interesting plot The ending suited the book perfectly and you couldn't help but smile

  5. Soma Helmi Soma Helmi says:

    Read this one uite uickly always a good sign Being in the film industry it was nice to see that Louise went into uite a bit of detail with the set scenes especially the makeuphair world I liked the tension between the two characters although I'd have to agree with a previous review on the predictable ending Still a nice beach read with some laugh out loud bits

  6. Sara Sara says:

    I'm never uite sure if I should feel guilty about liking easy reads That's exactly what this was read in a couple of days during a lazy weekend The characters are all likable and you get the ending you want What could you ask for?

  7. Kezza22 Kezza22 says:

    It was an good read won't spoil the story for everyone but whilst reading it was fairly obvious what would happen but it was a feel good read and worth readingGood author too

  8. Jessica Jessica says:

    Loved the book Loved the story One thing just some romance and it would be fantastic

  9. Natalia Natalia says:

    As to insiders view of a film set thumbs up As to the perceived romancethumbs down

  10. Stella Stella says:

    I loved this book reuire different but compelling read Loved the characters and also so wanted to watch the film they were making

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