This Is My Beloved Son PDF ð My Beloved MOBI õ

This Is My Beloved Son PDF ð My Beloved MOBI õ

This Is My Beloved Son [Reading] ➽ This Is My Beloved Son By Andreas Andreopoulos –   The Transfiguration one of the most mysterious miracles of Christ has been mostly misunderstood for two millennia   “Andreas Andreopoulos approaches the Transfiguration explaining its significa My Beloved MOBI õ   The Transfiguration one of the most mysterious miracles of Christ has been mostly misunderstood for two millennia   “Andreas Andreopoulos approaches the This Is MOBI :å Transfiguration explaining its significance in the continuing experience of the church and in the personal journey of each Christian He sees the Transfiguration Is My Beloved eBook ☆ as ‘a timeless story’ as ‘an event that keeps on happening’ He writes in a way that is vivid yet profound and often unexpected Reading his text I have come to look at Christ’s Transfiguration and our own with new eyes and a fresh understanding”                                                 From the Foreword by Metropolitan Kallistos of Diokleia “For many Western Christians the Transfiguration is a barely remembered incident in the gospels its feast August is a non event Here a master of Eastern theology and a specialist in iconography explores this gospel event as a revelation of the mystery of Christ and simultaneously a revelation of our own human identity What makes this book special is that it plumbs the riches of Eastern Christianity from within but expresses that wealth in a way that Western Christians can appreciate” –Thomas O’Loughlin Professor of Historical Theology University of Nottingham “A radiant book about the lovely radiance of Christ on the mountain and how it symbolizes the Lord’s abiding presence at once eucharistic and mysterious in his Church across time Highly recommended for spiritual reading”   Fr John McGuckin Columbia University; author of The Prayer Book of the Early Christians.

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  1. Michael Michael says:

    For Western Christians the Transfiguration of Christ is one of the least attended to events in the life of Jesus as applied to the life of the believer Even though it receives attention twice in the liturgical year readings for the Transfiguration occur before Lent and again on August 6th the traditional commemoration of the Feast itself it can be argued that it has the least impact of all the major events of Christ's life This is not so in the East which derives an entire fundamental spirituality of light and glory from an understanding of the Transfiguration For this reason there are not many contemporary works in English that cover the Transfiguration Happily though Dr Andreas Andreopoulos a Greek born Reader in Orthodox Studies at the University of Winchester UK does take notice of it in his book This Is My Beloved Son The Transfiguration of ChristAndreopoulos' text is not uite scholarship not uite personal exploration akin to meditation and spiritual response In a way it is the completion of his scholarly work Metamorphosis The Transfiguration in Byzantine Theology and Iconography As he says in the introduction This book may be be described as my response to the mystery of the Transfiguration xiv Through his text he places the Transfiguration as a focal point looking forward to the Passion and Resurrection as well as looking back to Christ's Baptism and sees in the Transfiguration a revelation of the TrinityIncluded within the book are a foreword by Kallistos Ware another profound interpreter of Orthodoxy to the West brief introduction six chapters and bibliographic notes In this volume he seeks not so much to explain the Transfiguration event itself as its continuing influence in the life of the Church and individual believer arguing that the Transfiguration does double duty as a revelation of the mystery of Christ and of our destiny as human beings He opens the book with a chapter that introduces major biblical themes that relate to the Transfiguration such as as light glory and life in Christ; and the remaining chapters will focus on one or another of these and other images And yet each chapter is not a totally separate essay he constantly alludes forwards and backwards to the various themes that make up the Transfiguration relating them to the life of the Church and of the believerChapter two explores the close connection between Baptism and Transfiguration a revelation of the new life in Christ that faith in Him offers us Chapter three brings the imagery of the Mountain of faith Horeb Sinai Sion Carmel and Thabor which provides the separation that leads to revelation Chapter 4 discusses the Transfiguration as a Miracle the miracle of the most complete revelation of the Trinity Chapter 5 treats the Transfiguration as a manifestation of the Uncreated Light of God the epitome of Eastern mystical experience akin to the Spiritual Mansions of St Teresa of Avila and as a precursor of the Eucharist both the Transfiguration and the Divine Liturgy are here seen as a stepping into the Kingdom of God Chapter 6 focuses on the imagery of the Resurrection he writes of seeing the Transfiguration in light of the Resurrection as a foretaste of what our glorified resurrected bodies will beAn informal writing style and reading pace graces the pages and he treats the reader not as a student to be lectured nor as a congregation to be preached to but as a fellow traveler in the Way of Christ someone to benefit from his own travel notes which this reviewer certainly did

  2. Lucy Pollard-Gott Lucy Pollard-Gott says:

    Andreopoulos is also the author of a previous book on the Transfiguration Metamorphosis The Transfiguration in Byzantine Theology and Iconography This is My Beloved Son includes only enough exposition of theology and iconography to support the discussion but its aim is different as the author states It is a meditation on the personal meaning of the Transfiguration how were the disciples changed by what they saw when Jesus led them to Mount Tabor? How did the early church and the church today understand and incorporate this transformative experience? How does someone today live a transfigured life? In accessible language Andreopoulos offers his own reflections on such uestions and on the place of the Transfiguration in the Gospels as a whole

  3. Emma Emma says:

    I would say that This is My Beloved Son The Transfiguration of Christ is a spiritual and accessible version of his masterpiece Metamorphosis The Transfiguration in Byzantine Theology And Iconography about which I talked here briefly in my younger days of book blogging This previous book will have appeal to scholars and I did find it extremely nurturing spiritually speaking but it may be difficult for some readersThe smaller volume I am presenting todayRead my full review with lots of excerpts

  4. James James says:

    This a beautiful and accessible treatment of the Transfiguration from the perspective of a Greek Orthodox Christian Andrepoulos explores the Biblical account subseuent theological reflections on the event and how the Transfiguration relates to the liturgical practice of worship in the Eastern Church in the transfiguration God's glory is revealed

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