On Foot to the End of the World PDF Ó On Foot Kindle

On Foot to the End of the World PDF Ó On Foot Kindle

On Foot to the End of the World [PDF / Epub] ☉ On Foot to the End of the World Author René Freund – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk I felt that if I could reach the end of the continent I would find the answer to some important uestion there writes Paul Auster in Moon Over Manhattan I had no idea what this uestion might be but the I felt to the ePUB ☆ that if I could reach the end of the continent I would find the answer to some important uestion there writes Paul Auster in Moon Over Manhattan I had no idea what this uestion might be but the answer to it was already preconceived in my steps I only had to keep going in order to discover that I had left myself behind and was no longer the On Foot Kindle - same person as beforeOnly when you reach the edge of the continent having walked along the Way of St James which pilgrims of former times thought to be the end of the world only then do you Foot to the End of PDF/EPUB or realize that the old pilgrim's saying is true the journey does not end in Santiago The journey begins in Santiago In this vivid travelogue René Freund not only introduces the Armchair Traveller to the Foot to the Epub ß overwhelming natural beauty he encountered along the way but also lets them share in his experience of reaching his own physical and psychological limits while travelling On Foot to the End of the World.

  • Hardcover
  • 224 pages
  • On Foot to the End of the World
  • René Freund
  • English
  • 05 August 2016
  • 9781904950424

8 thoughts on “On Foot to the End of the World

  1. Liralen Liralen says:

    Freund and his wife walked the Camino years ago before Shirley Maclaine published her book about it and long before the movie The Way They started in Le Puy in late September a longer colder and wetter walk than that of pilgrims who begin farther along the a route in the summerI've read a lot of Camino memoirs by now and appreciated some of them than others and this onewell I liked it until I didn't It feels pretty low stakes all the way through Will they get rained on again? Will they ever run into Ursula? but it's pleasantly witty Today on our second hiking day we have succeeded in getting lost for the very first time It is a bit of an achievement since the paths are labelled very well with red and white themed marking So it really is idiot proofWell almost 14 Outside it's raining even than usual which pleases us since two days ago Henri told us that 'The rain that comes down today won't come down tomorrow' 37 He prays a lot while he walks and because it makes him inattentive he gets lost every few hundred metres This seems to contradict the popular belief that prayer stops you from straying from the right path 117 118 Collecting stamps seems to be the most popular activity for pilgrims One could almost think they are going on a rubber stamp search instead of a pilgrimage 126A lot of that still rings true today—you would not believe how easily I got lost even when there were arrows every ten feet; plenty of people lust over interesting stamps and so on ButI lost interest Freund gets a bit dramatic screaming and weeping and so on at the weather and his various aches and pains; regularly giving the impression that the hostel appeared just as they were about to die from exhaustion andor being rained on andwell This isn't a trip on foot to the end of the world As he notes in a letter included at the end of the book pages 188–189 they accepted 363 kilometers of rides That's not a crime and tons of people get rides bus through the Meseta etc but it's a little misleading I could let it go—except to add insult to injury they took a bus to from Santiago to Finisterre the 'end of the world'HmmAnyway Still a lot of fun I got a kick out of the notes Ursula left in the books I found their return letter to her at the end of the book a bit condescending although I expect that's just my cranky interpretation I ran into this one by accident in the remainders section of Waterstones about two days after I finished the Camino and it was worth the readwhich felt like a nice coincidenceI haven't readseen either of those for what it's worth

  2. Carrie Carrie says:

    I was very pleased with this book It is about the Way of St James I thought it would be very holy but it is much about hiking and the journey which I think brought me to a reflective place in a less overt way I didn't even know about these pilgrimages which became popular LONG ago I also got this book from my 83 year old church friend He is very holy and I admire his faithI was afraid at first to read this thinking it would be only about St Jamesand I can only do so much of that Try it

  3. Alic Alic says:

    A delightful little book to hold A personal diary not filled with philosophical or existential twaddle simply a record of a walk that both tempts and inspires At the same time it warns and warms I'm seriously considering taking the first step

  4. Maggie Smith Maggie Smith says:

    I'm fascinated by El Camino and this was an interesting read although a bit disappointing in regards

  5. Christina Christina says:

    A travel memoir told using the author’s daily diary from the trip and letters his wife wrote to others as they walked the Camino de Santiago or Way of St James through France and Spain It presents an authentic armchair travel experience but as an authentic experience it’s not particularly entertaining They walk sometimes it rains they reach another town There are trees to look at Sometimes the food is good sometimes they stop for coffee They usually stay at pilgrim hostels called a gite d’etape in France and refugio in Spain I don’t recall that they explained much about these places but from the account I’m not sure they were either staffed or that they cost money On occasion they also stay at inexpensive hotels or in the euivalent of a bed breakfastThe author is German and this book was translated from German I wondered if as a European the experience wasn’t as uniue as it might be for someone form a New World country The writing is solid but isn’t terribly distinctive Their aren’t any beautiful descriptions that help you imagine you’re there The author shares almost nothing about himself—his background or his thought and feelings They also never give any particular reason for the journey—in fact they say there was no particular reason They’re not Catholic or it seems very religious It’s not a spiritual journey Nor do they seem particularly interested in the places they’re going The only reason for the trip is their landlord decided he wanted to live in their apartment and they unexpectedly found themselves homeless They wanted to take a trip at some point so they put their furniture in storage and spent two months walking the route of medieval pilgrims because they could I suppose They meet a few people along the way mostly other pilgrims but none are described in enough detail to make their personalities very distinct They go to historic places but very little information is given about any of them Nothing particularly exciting happens Like their journey the book just plods along to the end I can’t say it was bad it’s competently written and it’s a short book I think it was that it was a rather relaxing read a distinctly unexciting book that kept me reading But I don’t think I could recommend this even as a reference for someone planning to make this journey They walked back in 1999 so the information would be too out of date to be relevant

  6. Tim Nason Tim Nason says:

    Brisk wonderfully written account of a couple's epic walk on the Way of St James during October November in 1998 The sights and experiences along the journey than compensate for the minor difficulties encountered The walk covered 1500km932 miles 727km452 miles in southern France 774km481 miles across northwest Spain an incredible distance yet the writers report that some pilgrims walk the return route as well or walk it again at a later date The writers note that the destination for them became much less important that the walking itself an existential experience The path is the path they write and we are grateful for all the adventures it gave us 182 This book will encourage readers to venture onto the Camino de Santiago as soon as possible

  7. Chris Waterford Chris Waterford says:

    Not a great book compared to others written since 1998 eg The Year We Seized the Day but it is interesting to see how much things have changed on this route and how little in other respects in the 20 years since have only given it 4 stars because of memories it evoked

  8. Andrew Andrew says:

    A gem an uplifting travelogue replete with hilarity and wisdom

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