Magick Men II: A Bite of Magick eBook ¸ Magick Men

Magick Men II: A Bite of Magick eBook ¸ Magick Men

Magick Men II: A Bite of Magick ❮EPUB❯ ❄ Magick Men II: A Bite of Magick ✿ Author Rhyannon Byrd – Kieran McKendrick has landed in the worst kind of hell Thanks to his meddling relatives the Scottish Warlock has a “mating” curse placed upon his dark head—and he’s already suffering from one Kieran McKendrick has landed in the worst II: A Epub Ú kind of hell Thanks to his meddling relatives the Scottish Warlock has a “mating” curse placed upon his dark head—and he’s already suffering from one curse too many Now he must find his bith bhuan gra or soul mate to break this newest curseand heaven help her when he doesTé Hayes has heard of a wolf in sheep’s clothing before—but never a Warlock’s On the run from her troubled past Magick Men eBook Ò Té arrives in Edinburgh for a surprise visit with her sister Evan She plans to chill out with her big sis meet her new brother in law and catch a friend’s photography exhibit all without a hitch But within moments of meeting Evan’s new family Té realizes there’s to these gorgeous McKendrick men than meets the eye—and one in particular who sets her blood on fire Too bad she’s sworn off men even ones as gorgeous and irresistible Men II: A Epub Û as Kieran McKendrickStill when the temptation becomes too great Té decides that she just might regret not getting a taste of the sexy bad boy while she’s got the chance It’s a sound plan to take what she wants and enjoy it while it lasts But what the young American doesn’t know is that it can prove damn difficult for a woman to protect her heart from a devoted McKendrick male Especially when he’s hell bent on claiming Men II: A Bite of Epub / her for his own forever Author’s Note A BITE OF MAGICK is part of the McKendrick Warlocks series but can be Men II: A Bite of Epub / read as a standalonend Edition.

About the Author: Rhyannon Byrd

Rhyannon Byrd is the national bestselling author II: A Epub Ú of than forty contemporary and paranormal romance titles including the Bloodrunners series and her books have been translated into ten languages After years of enjoying the California sunshine Rhyannon now lives in the beautiful but often chilly county of Warwickshire in England with her family and their ever growing collection of concert.

9 thoughts on “Magick Men II: A Bite of Magick

  1. iva iva says:

    fun and the story in the next few books have a potential to be great or even brilliant

  2. Marion Marion says:

    This is a highly erotic book I loved the both Kieran and Te Both are very stuborn and independent I love a strong Heroine who knows when to give in for the sake of her pleasure The sexual tension and the sex was very hot I had actual steam coming of the pages

  3. Cheri Morris Cheri Morris says:

    GoodIt's a very emotional journey for all of the characters and finding love in unusual circumstances with lots of twists and turns along the way

  4. Sadie Sadie says:

    I really liked this book Rhyannon Byrd NEVER disappoints

  5. Lisa Lisa says:

    Kieran McKendrick can’t believe the situation his father and uncles “The Council” have placed him in; hereditarily cursed to be a werewolf is bad enough but to now find his “beast” cursed by his own blood is just too much Finding his “bith bhuan gra” soul mate to break the curse might seem like an easy enough task for any Warlock to accomplish but it’s been three months of looking with no desire to touch and his beast is about to drive him over the edge if it doesn’t experience the pleasures of the flesh again soon So when Té Hayes his cousin’s new human sister in law walks in the door his beast finally raises its head in interest and he finds himself in a true dilemma How does he protect Té from his beast when she is so determined to tame it?After spending months in Mexico helping a friend teach Té Hayes finds the atmosphere and the view in her bother in laws pub “The Wicked Brew” in Scotland to be warm inviting and utterly amazing Who could dispute the vision of the 6 foot plus of muscle bound dark brooding male approaching her to be anything but spectacular? Even finding out that thus male is a Warlock cursed with “fangs and fur” won’t turn this determined woman away from achieving her goal of Kieran in her bed So what she can’t comprehend is why Kieran is so dogged to thwart her efforts when only she can break his curse He may think that she is small and delicate but what he doesn’t understand is that powerful things come in small packages So watch out wolfie this is one determined little red riding hood out to bag her a big bad werewolfIf you are a fan of the paranormal and you are looking for a great Shapeshifter romance you have to get A BITE OF MAGICK it is one marvelous story I knowI know almost every review out there says the book they are talking about is great but trust me this one really is With well developed characters an excellent plot and some really scorching love scenes Ms Byrd has written a stand alone seuel to rival her first book in the series A SHOT OF MAGICK I know with todays busy schedules finding the time to enjoy a good book can almost be impossible for some readers so let me help you weed out some clunkers Invest in A BITE OF MAGIC it is without a doubt one of the cream of the crop of Werewolf books out there today

  6. Joie Joie says:

    I picked up this one on a whim if I must be completely honest I must say I love the concept of this book The writing was great and the flow wasn't all that bad I got into the story rather uickly and dispite my other issues I won't take that away from the book I loved Kerien I am so sorry that I butchered that spelling lol but once again the female was just ugh I say this all the time I am so tired of reading books about women that have so much baggage This girl needed to get her issues together before she got into a relationship But like usuall in the classic romance formula our hero beat her down with a stick So I guess that's all that matters in the end He only needs to get the girl It never matters in these books that the women are always insecureand bitchy and act like children not to mention that they need therapy and possiably a life coach than they need a man But this is just my opinion

  7. Cindy Cindy says:

    Hot read some action This The hero and heroine are both stubborn independent and determined to be in 'charge' They both have esteem issues she because she doesn't look like a supermodel although men and especially our hero drool when she walks by and he because he is cursed to shapeshift into a beast and is afraid he'll hurt her or scare her when that happens This is definitely for those of us who weren't happy when Beauty's Beast turned in to a full time princeVery steamy order doesn't seem to matterMagick MenA Shot of Magick By Rhyannon Byrd in More Than MagickA Bite of MagickAlpha Romeos

  8. Linda Linda says:

    Kieran a Warlock gets his turn to be hexed to find his soul mate Lach from the first book and his mate Evan finds it hilarious to see that Kierans Wolf tries to emerge when Evans sister Bronté comes for a visit A longer read than the first book but lot of sexual tension when Kieran doesn´t want to give in to his Wolf but Té won´t give up Hot smut and alpha males with magic

  9. Julie (jjmachshev) Julie (jjmachshev) says:

    2nd in the Magic Menyum where can I get one?

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