Prophecy eBook å Paperback

Prophecy eBook å Paperback

  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Prophecy (Magic: The Gathering: Masquerade Cycle, #3)
  • Vance Moore
  • English
  • 10 October 2016
  • 9780786915705

7 thoughts on “Prophecy (Magic: The Gathering: Masquerade Cycle, #3)

  1. Russell Hayes Russell Hayes says:

    Probably my least favorite among all the MTG books

  2. Iain Iain says:

    What an odd book Though it gets off to an awkward start it does hit its stride after three or four chapters but is it Magic? Consider the setting on one hand we have the Keldons medieval barbarians with catapults who use very little magic On the other we have city states backed by a planeswalker flying blimps and aircraft that drop bombs and shoot rockets And these are called bombs blimps and rockets by the way not magic missiles or spellbombs Now guess which force is struggling Surprise it’s the guys with the World War I tech and the most powerful wizards Oh did I mention they have robots too?Perhaps that’s what ultimately doomed the book for me this book's Dominaria is amazingly low magic and correspondingly low Magic the Gathering Mechanized vehicles giant robotic insects blimps bombs and rockets it all became too sci fi for a Magic setting While it’s true most Magic the Gathering tie in novels aren’t amazing reads they do at least tie in with Magic the Gathering This novel couples an unengaging storyline and characters we barely care about with a low magic world that’s alien to fans of Dominaria The result for the lack of a better metaphor is a bomb

  3. Scott Johnson Scott Johnson says:

    This was just incredibly boring and useless Really the only meaningful events happened in the last 15 20 pages the rest was watching a dude we don't know or care about dealing with becoming a slave and some really abrupt shifts to Teferi and Barrin arguing about blimpsThis avoided a lot of lazy writing tropes I've talked about with others in this series but that doesn't mean much if the story isn't worth telling I'd rather have a poorly written book with a good story than something technically executed properly but with nothing to say or do This is the first real miss on story content since the one off stuff prior to the antiuities stuff

  4. Justin Justin says:

    Mostly about Latulla and her servant Halad Barrin kills Greel and her would have liked those moments expanded Wanted to see of mageta and Greel Mostly about war in Jamuraa and Keldons Alexi Joreal make appearance

  5. Chip Hunter Chip Hunter says:

    If you go by the reviews for MTG books you would assume that this one is the worst of the lot Don't believe it for a second This is actually an above average novel for the MTG series presenting an exciting tale of war on Dominaria It looks like most of the reviewers here hated this book because it seemed to divert from the primary storyline of the happenings on Rath and Phyrexia While this may seem to be the case I'll give the editors at Wizards of the Coast the benefit of the doubt and assume that events chronicled in this book will be relevant to the continuing story Also the whole point of this book was to give the readers an idea of what was occurring on Dominaria at the time of the other two books in the Masuerade Cycle While Gerrard and the Weatherlight are busy with their own little side story on Mercadia in Mercadian Masues and Crovax and company fight for control of Rath in Nemesis Urza's protege's become distracted from the threat of Phyrexia and embroiled in the war between Jamuraa and Keld in this book Now the stage is set for the Invasion Cycle with readers aware of what is going on with all of the characters involvedI actually thought Vance Moore did an excellent job in telling this story While the characters were mostly new and won't likely play significant roles in the future books telling the story from their perspectives was highly effective here Also some aspects of this book represent fairly subtle clues about the roots causes of the conflict told within Where did Creel come from? Who is the real brains behind Latulla's obsession with war? What manner of plague is beginning to spread in Dominaria? I'm sure these uestions will be answered in the upcoming books but I highly suspect Phyrexian involvement here This book also chronicles the advances in weaponry for the forces of Dominaria The many battles throughout this book between Jamuraa and Keld are excellently written and display some great new battle techniues and hardware Props to Vance Moore for his fine effort in his first novel Highly recommended for fans of the MTG universe

  6. Michael T Bradley Michael T Bradley says:

    ARGH Why in the name of all that's good holy can Teferi not be in a really interesting book? Essentially this is Teferi now a planeswalker helping some people out with some bullshit Just dull dull dull I don't understand how I can find the HINTS of Teferi we see in the cards interesting than an entire book revolving around him

  7. Rocky Sunico Rocky Sunico says:

    I've posted a full review on my blog here

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Prophecy (Magic: The Gathering: Masquerade Cycle, #3)➺ [Reading] ➼ Prophecy (Magic: The Gathering: Masquerade Cycle, #3) By Vance Moore ➯ – War in Jamuraa The keldons have landed in the north The Jamuraan League of City States has put together a ragtag defense and enlisted the help of the planeswalker Teferi But even a planeswalker cannot War in Jamuraa The keldons have landed in the north The Jamuraan League of City States has put together a ragtag defense and enlisted the help of the planeswalker Teferi But even a planeswalker cannot by himself hold back the might of Keld.