The Mysterious Caravan Epub ð The Mysterious MOBI

The Mysterious Caravan Epub ð The Mysterious MOBI

10 thoughts on “The Mysterious Caravan (Hardy Boys, #54)

  1. Grace Grace says:

    Very exciting and intriguing I loved the world travel aspect of this book and also the nonstop mystery and action

  2. Ben Kanieski Ben Kanieski says:

    The Mysterious CaravanFranklin W Dixoncopyright 1975mysteryThis book is about two detectives solving a big mystery They go to a mysterious desert and find that there are random camels just standing with supplies on their back They then take a closer look and find that there are people illegally trading goods the thieves then find the boys and realize that the boys are spying on them The boys then fall in a series of traps that the theives made The boys then get help from their peers and their detective father to take the theives downThe theme of this book is to never give up The boys were beat and trapped plenty of times and they decided to keep going They got closer and closer using clues to get these theives and put them in their place The boys also were threatened a lot on if they kept on at the case that the thieves would find them and kill them but the boys ended up winningThe writing style of the author is to keep the reader hooked All of the previous books I have read the author always ended the chapter with a bang This always makes the reader want to keep reading and finish the book Audiences that would be interested in this book would probably be people who like mysterious and know how to detect clues and foreshadowing throughout the book I personally love reading these mysteries and they always keep me hooked on reading to the next chapter This book is a lot interesing that other books that I have read For example Tom Sawyer was not always interesting in the whole book but mostly just in a few chapters This book stays tense every single chapterjoe sucked in his breath I can't make out all of the words only a few They say 'Get mask us and will knock off Fenton Hardy' pg 81 paragraph 5 This shows the writing style of the author as very tense This also shows that the reader is given clues so that they can think about what will happen next in the story This finally piues the readers interest to want to read the next chapter and find out what the note really meant or whatever happened after thatI think I have a very close relationship with the two detectives I am always solving mysteries throughout my life and finding clues to help me solve them I also never give up just like them If I am losing a game of basketball I always try to fight back and take the victory Unlike me the boys always win their fight This book affected me in a good way It made me realize that their are always plenty of mysteries I can solve I just have to put time into solving them I enjoyed the teeth biting suspence of this wonderful story I enjoyed it because a book without suspense and too much talking i think is just too boring for me

  3. Joe Joe says:

    It was good But I wish there was fighting in it

  4. Dan Dan says:

    This book introduced me to cous cous Of course the Boys made fun of it by saying moose moose and goose goose but I still think of that every time I'm at the grocery store

  5. Seema ♥Nerdgirl♥ Seema ♥Nerdgirl♥ says:

    Awesome HB mystery Finished it last night before going to bed Even though there were some confusing parts here and there it was still such an awesome read Worth reading

  6. Book collector Book collector says:

    Ok this isn't a specific review of the books There are uite a few hardy boys books and I read them over a period of several years but that was around 30 35 years ago now Some I remember clearly and I will be specific about those at the end of this part of the review This section is really an overview of the series Franklin w Dixon was of course a syndicate name A name used over many years on the hardy boys books My father read them during the fifties they started during the forties and by the end of the the 1980's I'd collected a full set up to around number 90 along with the first 25 or so casefiles books They were enjoyable books Fairly simple but generally well written mysteries They followed a basic pattern The hardy boys father would either disappear working on a case or go off to work a case the boys would get involved in a curious but not terribly threatening mystery in which they and their friends would regularly be captured escape repeat as needed They would end with the boys in danger and then their father would turn up save them and reveal they had both been working the same case There are variations on the pattern of course and don't get me wrong I'm not knocking the familiar tropes of the series that's what made these books fun to read Some books were brilliant some weaker but I rarely read one that was poor All were well written by the various authors behind the dixon nameNow I'm going to digress for a moment I had a problem with kids books when I was a kid They weren't very exciting But there was a reason that I felt this In the 1970's through really up until the Harry Potter phenomenon in the late 1990's be thankful for Rowling as her success has paved the way for the brilliant children's book landscape we now have children's books were fairly tame I was spoiled when I was young I love a TV show called doctor who It began in the UK in 1963 and from 1973 fans of the show had the target doctor who books These were adaptations of the TV stories I started reading them at the age of 7 They spoiled kids books for me Why? Because they were full of death Characters actually died there was genuine threat with those books Most kids literature at this period didn't do that So I found myself reading adult books from the age of 12 Jack Higgins Ian Fleming Alistair maclean Agatha Christie and I still read kids books the hardy boys were a favourite of my father's so I happily read them It's odd but I probably read kids books now than i did as a kid The kids books then were tame They could be fun but tameThe hardy boys series was the same Fun but tame Exciting but not threatening Not really The books tried to address this with the hardy boys casefiles Slightly adult with greater threat But by then I drifted away from new hardy boys books onto other things but I have a great affection for the seriesAnd that's what this review is about It's to give those wanting to try these books a idea of what to expect The stories are fast paced Normally featuring an intriguing mystery Female characters can be a bit weak especially in the early books but that's a sign of when they were written There's action humour and ghosts smugglers and lots of intriguing mystery all resolved well The ghosts are always explained and the bad guys always caught The hardy boys books are nostalgic fun I spent many years enjoying them and have very fond memories of them

  7. Jess Sohn Jess Sohn says:

    The Hardy boys are a lot reckless and experience decidedly violent encounters than Nancy Drew does but the mystery follows a similar pattern with the same uncomfortable stereotypes about different cultures and countries It amuses me that they actually tried to explain the boys' absence from school because it never gets brought up in the Nancy Drew books Do those teenage girls even go to school?

  8. Jerry Jerry says:

    Fun and exciting as usual

  9. Ethan Hulbert Ethan Hulbert says:

    Don't you just hate it when you're on vacation in Jamaica and an old death mask washes up on shore? Ugh always the worst The adventure in Morocco was especially cool in this one

  10. Jaden Jaden says:

    The Hardy Boys are wonderful fast pace action filled books that are great to read

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The Mysterious Caravan (Hardy Boys, #54) ❰KINDLE❯ ❆ The Mysterious Caravan (Hardy Boys, #54) Author Franklin W. Dixon – When the Hardy Boys take a winter vacation in Jamaica Joe finds an ancient bronze death mask washed up near their beach house during a violent storm Helping the Hardys and their friends in this bizarr When the Hardy Boys take a winter vacation in Jamaica Joe finds an ancient bronze death mask washed up near their beach house during a violent storm Helping the Hardys and their friends in this bizarre mystery is William a Jamaican boy who flies to New York with The Mysterious MOBI :å startling news only to be intercepted and held for ransom—the death mask Frank and Joe must rescue William plunge into their father’s airline ticket theft case and fly into a maze of danger in Africa.

  • Hardcover
  • 192 pages
  • The Mysterious Caravan (Hardy Boys, #54)
  • Franklin W. Dixon
  • English
  • 20 November 2016
  • 9780448089546

About the Author: Franklin W. Dixon

Franklin W Dixon is the pen name used by a variety of different authors Leslie McFarlane a Canadian author being the first who wrote The Hardy Boys novels for the Stratemeyer Syndicate now owned by Simon Schuster This pseudonym was also used for the Ted Scott Flying The Mysterious MOBI :å Stories series.