A Deadly Wilderness PDF ☆ A Deadly ePUB ↠

A Deadly Wilderness PDF ☆ A Deadly ePUB ↠

A Deadly Wilderness ☆ A Deadly Wilderness PDF / Epub ✩ Author Kelly Irvin – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk An idyllic wilderness hike turns deadly when homicide detective Ray Johnson tumbles into a ravine and lands on a corpseNot just any corpse but the son of a prominent citizen that turns the case into a An idyllic wilderness hike turns deadly when homicide detective Ray Johnson tumbles into a ravine and lands on a corpseNot just any corpse but the son of a prominent citizen that turns the case into a political hot potato Ray teams up with his troubled partner and their boss to solve the murder before city leaders bump them from the case and out of their jobs And before the twin temptations of alcohol and lust can derail his colleague.

8 thoughts on “A Deadly Wilderness

  1. Beverly Beverly says:

    A very good first mystery novel by a San Antonio resident with the story set in San Antonio

  2. Stella Potts Stella Potts says:

    Kelly Irvin has hit a home run with this debut into the romantic suspense genre Full of action and suspense as the police hunt for a killer as bodies keep turning up Detective Ray Johnson has to deal with a less than desirable partner and try to keep his relationship with his girlfriend Susana from being destroyed all while hunting a murderer Ms Irvin gives us some spiritual lessons on forgiveness and faithfulness as we see the characters deal with problems not always of their own making I really enjoyed this book and I highly recommend itI received a complimentary copy of this book from the author All views stated are my own

  3. Bruce Judisch Bruce Judisch says:

    I finally turned off the reading lamp an hour and a half after my usual bedtime last night I had reached the last few chapters of Kelly Irvin's A Deadly Wilderness It wasn't so much that I couldn't put it down It's that I refused to put it downSet right here in San Antonio A Deadly Wilderness is a fast paced thriller that follows the exploits of Detective Ray Johnson who while hiking in one of the city's wilderness parks literally falls over a dead body but not just any dead body The late Joey Doyle son of a prominent local family has been savagely murdered and partially dismembered Immediate and intense political pressure fuel Ray's innate overdrive and he fights both the politicos and the clock to solve the case before the killer strikes againand then againand then again All the while Ray's professional skills and his devout faith are challenged to the limit every perilous inch of the way Then when he starts to get too close the killer turns his eyes on RayAn excellently conceived and cleverly crafted supporting cast push and pull at Ray throughout the ordeal His on againoff again relationship with the lovely Susana Martinez Acosta becomes entangled with the investigation as does his strained friendship with Susana's protective brother Samuel who also happens to be Ray's boss Hindered as much as helped by Detective Deborah Smith his alcoholic partner Ray limps one step forward then stumbles two steps backward untilnope not gonna tell ya You'll have ta read the untilBut Ms Irvin does than spin a gripping tale of murder lust and greed She invades the human heart and turns it inside out spilling the good the bad and the ugly into a jumbled mess on the floor Then she very carefully and skillfully reassembles the pieces and sculpts them into a diverse cast of personae who complement and collide attract and repel win and lose andwell I guess act a lot like you and I They're at once lovable annoying inspiring frustrating andwell I guess are a lot like you and I Do I detect a trend here?Only one thing You'll enjoy Ms Irvin's delightful writing voice that permeates the characters' dialog and garnishes the narrative with glib one liners and poignant observations I meanokay let me give you an example Now this is just from her 'Acknowledgments' page mind you; it's not part of the actual story and in fact isn't designed to be overtly clever You be the judgeIt's important to state for the record that the events in this novel are complete and utter fiction San Antonio parks are incredibly safe beautiful places for families to share wonderful times together in large part because of the San Antonio Park Police The crimes that occur in parks in this novel are figments of a feverish overactive imaginationNow I ask you if she can write a sterile acknowledgment with this much personality imagine how it reads when she's selling you her dream Just how do you not read a story by someone who writes like this? Uh huh you'll refuse to put it down tooSo now yawn I've begun my work week sleep deprived and it's all Ms Irvin's fault If I get grouchy Kelly you have Jeannie to answer to that's all I have to sayA Deadly Wilderness is scheduled for release in January 2010 I highly recommend you pre order it here

  4. Sharon Sharon says:

    Detective Ray Johnson is out hiking and mentoring two young boys Marco tumbles down a steep hill and Ray tries to catch him Unfortunately Ray tumbles even further down into the ravine eventually falling onto a hidden corpse The dead man is soon identified as a member of a prominent yet unscrupulous family Ray his boss who happens to be his girlfriends brother and his new partner Deborah are intent on solving the murder It is a media nightmare and they all end up bumped from the case when they stir the political black pot Ray's married boss struggles with his attraction to a colleague Deborah is battling alcoholism and Ray's girlfriend is firm in her decision to never fall in love with a policeman She has lost her husband in a freak car accident and is determined that she nor her son Marco will ever go through such trauma again Ray and his partner continue their investigation and unravel a drug ring that stretches from San Antonio to Mexico Add one ruthless paid assassin into the mix and the action turns deadly Ray his boss his girlfriend and his new partner have their faith tested to the max Who will be left standing as the body count continues to climb?

  5. Karen Karen says:

    This Christian author wrote a great fast paced mystery The reason I usually don't like mysteries are that they are too gorey and such horrible language is used This one had all the mystery without that stuff Hopefully Kellly Irvin will write mysteries

  6. Monica Monica says:

    Reading for my Mystery Book Club Author coming to my library May 24th at 6 pm Great setting San Antonio

  7. PWRL PWRL says:

    Large Print

  8. Sue Klasing Sue Klasing says:

    Held my interest right up to the end Great 1st book for this author looking forward to by her

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