Paperback ¾ Sharp Beats PDF å

Paperback ¾ Sharp Beats PDF å

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About the Author: Dominic Barker

Dominic Barker was born in Southport in He graduated from the University of Birmingham with a degree in English and then spent two years as part of a comedy double act before deciding to become a teacher He currently lives in Barcelona.

3 thoughts on “Sharp Beats (Mickey Sharp, #4)

  1. LJ LJ says:

    This is the fourth and presumably final book in the Mickey Sharp teenage detective series I've read the first two but not the third the library lost that one but it doesn't seem to matter because it isn't an arc seriesI really like the style of these books Mickey's narration is witty and entertaining and it's just fun to be around This book feels a little substantial than the previous ones with a detective plot that is a bit elaborate and of Mickey's life details that seemed a little bit skimpy particularly in book two Here we get to see his progression at school and at home as well as playing detectives which I think is needed when your protagonist is 14My only complaint is that Mickey is on occasion almost unbelievably dumb Since his narration is so witty and smart and he is perfectly able to make dry witted or sardonic observations about when things are going wrong or how he can predict people's behaviour it is clear that he is uite let's call it 'sharp' So how he can miss incredibly obvious things going on around him he's a pretty poor detective actually and have to have them spelled out by others is infuriating for the reader But since all the clues that the reader can pick up on are directly laid out for us BY Mickey since it's first person narration I don't get how he fails to see them It also makes me a bit sad that he doesn't try at school at all I get that he finds most of it pointless but surely he would have some interest in at least one subject somewhere Mickey doesn't appear to have any interests or hobbies at all and pretty much no friends I guess his plan is that after he flunks out of school he will live by being a private detectiveAnyway overall this was an enjoyable series with great narration and a fun last book Hopefully one day I will be able to track down the third oneOh and side note the covers are AWFUL This one has a boy riding a skateboard and holding a spray can Okay so at one point in this story Mickey does get framed for graffiti but at no point does he actually touch the spray can and he very clearly and often rides a BIKE Absolutely no skateboards mentioned I think the covers really undersell the books It's like they are trying to say 'look at this cool kid we're edgy' but Mickey isn't a cool kid He's a sardonic loser detective kid He'd roll his eyes if he saw that kid on the front cover

  2. Lois Lois says:

    I am horrified that I have only just read Sharp Beats It was published in 2009 I would have loved to have read it in 2009 but sadly the bookstores have let me down time and time again and I had no idea that this was written at all Once I'm finished this review I'm going to make sure that there isn't a book 5That gripe over with I have two very positive things Firstly that I joined goodreads only a couple of days ago and very uickly learned of this book and two others which I would have bought instantly had I known they existed before now and did infact buy instantly when goodreads informed me of their existence Thank you goodreadsAlso the book is brilliant Sheer brilliance and a seamless fourth book to the series I feel like there's been hardly any time gap at allMickey is funny as ever As a fourteen year old detective working from his garden shed his attempts at detection are time and time again thwarted by his teachers his crazy parents hot girls and especially the evil Katie Pierce He always wins out in the end so obviously the cans of coke and packets of salt n vinegar crisps go a long wayWhat I love most about the book and the whole series is that it is an effortless comedy And despite that Mickey still shows his brain power and solves the case often uite ruthlessly I can't say any without spoilers so if you wanna avoid them then read no furtherview spoilerSo Mickey succeeds in being attacked by a dog accidentally attacking two of his teachers getting arrested attracting a bird by making funny noises stealing someone's identity and breaking up a girlband all in the cause of about £30 Like all the great detectives he does it for the sheer joy of detection Oh and because he was getting a bit blackmailed I leave you with some of my favourite uotes from the first four chapters of the book1 Mickey is grabbed by the neck and pulled forward 'My body has got two options here One is abandon my neck to a solo career and leave the rest of my body to try to work without it But like so many pop bands I'm sure that once one bit of it's gone it won't be too long before the rest falls apart So I take the other option and follow my neck'2 Mickey's Dad has a new box installed on the TV which monitors what the family are viewing and sends the results to BARB who take a sample of what Brits watch so they can give ratings to each TV programme This new privilege brings responsibilities We can affect the viewing habits of the whole nation If watch a show then the programme makers will think that's the type of programme that people will want to see and then they will make of themso we must only watchnature programmes documentaries and the newsThat's not fairI was watching that Mum saidYour mother wasn't aware of the factsshe didn't realise that we are no longer watching for ourselves We are watching for our country3 Mickey's teacher interrogates him about his lack of 'credits' Mickey What was your credit target this week?TwoAnd how many credits did you actually acheieve?NoneWhat does that tell you Mickey?That I was close hide spoiler

  3. Habib Habib says:

    Mickey Sharp In Sharp BeatsAuthor Dominic BarkerA Little About The StoryBook Mickey Sharp is a private eye for teenagers With a number of successful cases under his belt he is ready to take on anything But when the Really Tough Crew hire him to find their missing singer he might just have bitten off than he can chewI Decided To Read This Book Because The Book Cover Looked CoolI Liked This Book Because It Was Very InterestingSomething New I Learned From This Book Was Don't Take Deals Involving Lost And Stolen ThingsPeopleThe Main Character Was Mickey Sharp And A Setting In The Book Was Mickey Sharp Angry And Confused When A Unfamiliar Character Was Eating His Chips And Drinking His CokeThis Happened In Mickey SharpsFamily ShedWhile He Was Soaking WetWhen He Came Back From SchoolI Liked This Part Of The Book Because It Is FunnyWhy You Ask Because The Mysterious Character Is A 11 Year Old Boy And Micky Sharp Was Scared of Him The First Time He Saw Him And The 11 Year Old Boy Had A Phone And Micky Sharp Didn't LOL

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