Ebook ¾ Wicked Knight PDF å

Ebook ¾ Wicked Knight PDF å

Wicked Knight (Knight Brothers, #1) ❰Epub❯ ➞ Wicked Knight (Knight Brothers, #1) Author Tierney O'Malley – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk He vowed never to love again She is afraid to love A passion so strong they cannot resistRuggedly handsome pediatrician, Dr Tristan Knight, is done with marriage Once is enough Eager to avoid making a He vowed never to love again She is afraid to love A passion so strong they cannot resistRuggedly handsome pediatrician, Dr Tristan Knight, is done with marriage Once is enough Eager to avoid making another mistake of getting trapped in marriage vows, Tristan wields strong control to suppress his growing attraction to his sister s friend, Julie Parrish But his resolve is tested when an unusual request for help lands on his lap marry JulieAuthor and former model, Julie Parrish has been trying to keep her image clean otherwise, her drunkard father will get the inheritance her mother has left her She will never let that happen But her stepmother, Marla, has learned about the will s stipulation Since then, she s been attempting to prove to the lawyers that Julie is far from being clean Fortunately, her mother has added an out to the will Marriage So when Tristan surprised her by offering his help end her problem with Marla, she accepts But Julie wants than just a ring She wants the elusive doctor s heart.

About the Author: Tierney O'Malley

Tierney O Malley is a USA Today bestselling author Ms O Malley is always excited to hear from readers To leave your comments, questions or suggestions, you can reach her at tierneyomalley frontier Please visit her website at.

10 thoughts on “Wicked Knight (Knight Brothers, #1)

  1. Carrie Hinkel-Gill Carrie Hinkel-Gill says:

    I can t wait to see what s in store for these boys Greek god builds with Camelot names Yeah, the mom named her boys after knights of the round table As funny as it sounds, I d have preferred the name Galahad over Gawain, but that s okay I have to laugh because Percival was the name of a really cute squirrel of Cadderly s in the Canticle Quintet by R.A Salvatore Well, I guess Percival s moving up in the world This is her best story yet Truthfully, I thought this story was pretty good, but then I was introduced to Teta, Julie s gun toting housekeeper talk about a show stealer it went from good to great I hate to admit it, but Arizona Snow Created by Jayne Ann Krentz has finally been unseated as my favorite supporting character in a book or series I won t say any because I don t want to give scenes away, but hers are the best That s why I give this book a high rating It has sex scenes in it, which are well done, but nothing too fancy or exotic and that s fine because they are than steamy enough for me It s the story around the copulating couple that has earned the high marks From the very beginning the author draws you in and makes you care about these characters not just the main couple, but all of them She makes you feel like you are actually in the Knights home on Orcas Island and at their party, like you re an invited guest and you know everyone It s this talent that catapults her to greatness Not reading this book is like missing an extremely fun and interesting family gathering, something you can honestly say you wish you didn t miss Tierney O Malley is one storyteller who should be on the New York Times Bestseller lists A writer who can get me to accept certain strong words in her sex scenes because of the soft way she uses them they are infrequent and not really in your face like some authors , really has the power of persuasion She is a true gem of a writer.

  2. Stella Stella says:

    Tierney O Malley has a real talent when it comes to characterization each and every one of her characters is layered, has history and steps off the pages The protagonist Julie is cute and likable and the Knight family, wow, I want to spend my holidays with them too Arthur Knight, respectable judge and his wife Katherine have four sons all named after the knights of the Round Table and a daughter Kristen, the friend of Julie Reading about the family interactions, the affectionate teasing between brothers and sisters, the brotherly bragging was extremely enjoyable as the family relations were described so well and in such detail that you the reader feel as if you were sitting around the table with the family listening to their fraternal pranks Not only are the four brothers funny and wicked in their senseless teasing of each other, all four of them are God s gifts to women they look swoonworthy, are perfect gentlemen, have exciting jobs an FBI agent, a pilot, a doctor , are ideal brothers to their little sister, are warmhearted, family centered and generous, you couldn t imagine perfect men Besides the brilliant characterization of the Knight family the other forte of the novel were the steamy seduction and sex scenes The chemistry between Tristan and Julie is sizzling from the very beginning, Ms O Malley s writing is sensual and scorching, tenderness and burning passion alternate, you simply can t get enough of the hotness Verdict I immediately fell in love with the Knight brothers and can t wait to read the stories of the 3 remaining brothers This was one hot, steamy read Don t read this in public and keep a fan handy Characters 10 10Ending 8 10Writing 9 10Cover 9 10

  3. Nelly Nelly says:

    The last book of my 2019 Goodreads challenge, 100 books Too bad it was not as good as I hoped it would be.I loved Passionate Bid by the same author This one was my 3rd book by O Malley, the 2nd one quite disappointingWell, I loved the beginning Best friend of lil sis slowing getting close to the guy I was hoping a slow burn but instead, we got steam right in the 1st chapter And sex in the 4th I believe.It went so fast No anticipation for sex or even love because Julie quickly admitted her love for Tristan And Tristan showed his love for her right from the beginning For a man who had been badly burnt by his 1st marriage, I was expecting resistance, denial, a real slow burn.There was no angst They lust, they have sex, way too much sex it was getting ridiculous and I skipped so many chapters because of that It is like the author didn t know how to make their relationship evolve, so it was sex non stop.The only protaginist was Marla the stepmother, and her son Not even an evil bitchy ex girlfriend or other woman lurking there to spice things up No, just that incoherent story about her inheritance.The brothers were funny, that was it The main couple, not that interesting unfortunately The author s writing style is good so it makes you want to keep reading until the end so it is going to be a 2

  4. LaShonta LaShonta says:

    What can I say I loved this story Some parts were laugh out loud funny It quickly became one of my favorites One I will read over and over again.

  5. Astraycat Astraycat says:

    I always loved friends to lovers stories Needless to say, the interaction among the Knights siblings was too funny and how Julie answered the phone call from Tristan s date Love this series

  6. Ana Beatriz Esteves Ana Beatriz Esteves says:

    This book is exactly what I was needing It s a light, passionate, short read Perfect for reading slumps I have to admit that one of my favorite parts was the name of the Knight brothers because I m all about Arthurian Legends I m addicted and I think I ll read it again whenever I have a chance Ill leave a music that I think is just right for this book ll post a review on my blog very mor detailed one as soon as possible.http addictedbookslover.blogspot.pt

  7. Kaye Kaye says:

    I had started this book a few weeks ago but it just was not doing anything for me I picked it back up today and could not put it down Really a good book I think I might just have to read the next one in this series soon

  8. Rae Rae says:

    Ok, I loved all the Knights Loved the relationship with all the brothers and it was funny but the dialog just stalled Sometimes it even sounded like people talking in the 30 s Just strange Steamy scenes though

  9. Cheesecake Cheesecake says:

    I ve read another book by this author and really enjoyed it, but this must be an early work The writing is choppy and difficult to follow I often had to go back to try and decipher who was talking But after a bit I gave up.

  10. Shelly Burns Shelly Burns says:

    Fun, fun, fun Awesome Knights Not hot about the cover though.

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