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Vivienne Westwood: Fashion, Perversity, and the Sixties Laid Bare Vivienne Westwood Was Born The Queen Of Punk Rock Her Fashions First Scandalized And Then Fascinated The World Today, She Is Rated As One Of The World S Most Influential Fashion Designers She Has Never Lost Her Power To Shock From Her Models Parading Bare Breasted Down Paris Catwalks To Her Notorious Look No Knickers Pose Inside The Gates Of Buckingham Palace, Her Characteristically Anarchic Outrageousness Is One Of The Reasons She Is Probably The Most Talked About Designer On Both Sides Of The Atlantic But Little Is Known About This Essentially Private Woman Who Conceals Herself Behind Enigmatic And Aloof Remarks.

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    I borrowed this book from the owner of a local friperie second hand store called Wa ou The owner s name is Celine, and she has a raucous personality and an awesome inability to keep her life out of her stories She s brash and crackle snap smart a no bullshit store owner who will tell you a flat out that the dress is too big or too tight, and who will sometimes wear a sombrero and moustache to work because she can She warned me that, potentially, only the first part of Fashion and Perversity was good, and so I d like to forewarn you that I may be biased by Celine s enthusiasms, not to mention her dark underlining.In the first section of Fashion and Perversity the author, Fred Verl, literally assumes Vivenne Westwood s voice He puts on a big I hat and parades around, airing all Ms Westwood s laundry, while laying bare her naive submission to and the cruelties of her husband, Malcolm McLaren Masquerading as someone who is still alive in order to tell your version of their life story is a scandalous and tawdry thing to do but, in this case, it works If you don t feel like reading much, you can indeed skip the rest Still, in some sense the book does get even ballsier in the sections where, speaking in his own voice, Verl theory ravages his own scene,...

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    Illuminating even though the author admits it s a somewhat fictionalized biography based on conversations he had with Westwood over many years of acquaintance It paints Malcolm McLaren in a fairly poor light staggeringly arrogant and cruel in his use of talented people for his own ends , but does describe his influence on Westwood s early desi...

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    I was on a roll reading a ton of biographies this spring summer This book was good, when it was talking about Vivienne But in my opinion, it spent FAR too much time on Malcolm McLaren If I wanted to read about him, I would have checked out his biography.

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