Don't Kill The Messenger PDF ☆ Don't Kill ePUB

Don't Kill The Messenger PDF ☆ Don't Kill ePUB

Don't Kill The Messenger ➡ [Epub] ➛ Don't Kill The Messenger By Eileen Rendahl ➫ – Messenger Melina Markowitz a go between for paranormal forces and supernatural creatures must find an envelope stolen from her or watch out of control Chinese vampires take down rival gang members in Messenger Melina Markowitz a go between for paranormal forces and supernatural creatures must find an envelope stolen from her or watch out of control Chinese vampires take down rival gang members in an all out street war.

  • ebook
  • 336 pages
  • Don't Kill The Messenger
  • Eileen Rendahl
  • English
  • 03 January 2016
  • 9781101185766

10 thoughts on “Don't Kill The Messenger

  1. Catherine Catherine says:

    45 StarsI am so thrilled that I finally got this book I've had my eye on it for a while but I finally grabbed it when I saw had it listed for 6 Yeah for great prices After reading and enjoying this book I know I won't uibble about paying the ridiculous Trade prices for the future releases I enjoyed it that muchI really liked the uniue take on Melina's role in the supernatural world As she said she's a small cog in a big wheel Due to a twist of fate she's stuck as a Messenger Not all of the supernatural creatures like each other so sometimes they need a neutral go between to deliver things for them That's where Melina comes in She has a few perks like increased strength but she's really getting the short end of the stick She's unpaid and has a hard time having a life due to unexplainable beings popping up needing her to deliver things She has to make her task a priority or suffer the conseuences from not doing her duty Her one experience with these conseuences as a teenager have made her take this responsibility seriously Because of the lack of pay that goes along with being a Messenger Melina works two other jobs One of them is at a hospital and the other is at a dojo Mae a prior Messenger owns the dojo and is Melina's friend cum mentor Working at the hospital is also Alex a vampire Taking a job from him is what gets Melina into the mess in the first placeI really liked Melina She was surprisingly normal for a UF heroine Her life is mundane and normal which is one of my favorite things about the Sookie Stackhouse series She doesn't have all the answers and she makes mistakes along the way but she owns when she has been dumb No one is perfect I just need some self awareness about the stupid moves to keep from being irritated Most UF heroines don't have that but Melina does She also finds herself attracted to uite a few men in the book But shocker she doesn't ho down Being attracted to someone doesn't mean she can't control herself She knows that acting on that attraction is not a good idea with some of the supernatural creatures She has no illusions about the goodness of them and she wants to steer clear I think some might find the slower mundane aspects of the plot irritating but I loved it It actually felt like this was a mostly normal person trying to navigate a supernatural world Also she doesn't solve the mystery through sheer badassery She does what I would do when stuck Calls around and pumps people she knows and likes And Googles it What smart modern heroine doesn't Google stuff nowadays? There's a part toward the end that some might think is a TSTL moment but I didn't Surprising really because I am uick to be frustrated by idiots But Melina was going through some issues that made her actions understandable Yeah it was dumb but I could see why it seemed like the best thing to do at that moment with her emotions in that state People dealing with stuff like that do some crazy things I guess I'm just trying to explain that it seemed logical for a completely illogical actionI had some irritants but they weren't enough to really impact my overall enjoyment of the book A big issue for me was Melina's love interest Ted I personally found him boring That much perfection is not interesting for me to read about I saw many other guys throughout the story that I would have preferred we have focus on Even Ben the teenager who reminds Melina of herself has depth and shades of gray than Ted does Ted is like the white knight who is always there to support you and help you and not push you too hard and trust you even when you aren't trustworthy It's sounds nice in theory I suppose but can I get a personality beyond that goodness? No one is that perfect all the time I am also not that thrilled that Ted is a cop I've been down this road many a time with shady characters pairing with upright moral love interests and I'm over it It doesn't last long before they're fighting over ethics and the shady character has to break laws to protect the public in a world that doesn't know about supernatural folks while the moral person is tortured over the choice of staying true to their ethics or supporting their boyfriendgirlfriend and sacrificing their beliefs and becoming a slightly dirty cop Next thing you know the hh start resenting each other for the choices they've had to make Maybe the author will surprise me and not go down this road but I'm not counting on itI also found a certain conversation between Mae and Melina to be too abrupt and jarring to feel natural to their characters That really should have been handled better because I just found it out of place and clumsy I also found it odd that the conseuences of not fulfilling the Messenger duty weren't delved into after we heard about her issues with it as a teen Shouldn't something have happened here?But these were slight issues in an otherwise great book Another thing that I forgot to mention was how much I enjoyed the way reactions were dealt with as certain people learned about the supernatural world Some were shocked and some thought it was great until they realized it wasn't as cool as the movies made it out to be I'm looking forward to future details about that

  2. Cathy Cathy says:

    Nice to have a Jewish leading lady Too bad it's her only distinguishing feature She's no different than 100 other UF or even chick lit gals And she's in way over her head Her sources are her Grandma and Aunt who coincidentally had important info for her and the Internet Seriously her source for defeating the very scary and gross Chinese vampireszombies is a website Because stuff on the Internet is always correct And not only is she fighting scary vampires but also the much scary to me human monsters with no conscience this time represented by a Triad She's in so far over her head it's just obsurd It reminds me of a cozy mystery where the caterer or book store owner or other regular person goes up against a murderer Except this isn't one murderer or a simple plot it's a Triad Her pretty minor extra powers lifetime of karate other fighting skills total and complete lack of experience and almost total lack of support up against a ruthless and organized Mob organization is just ridiculousMy other big problem is that her job doesn't make sense She's a supernaturally compelled unpaid Messenger who delivers packages between various Arcanes whether she wants to or not No one has any idea why some people get the job or why she has to do it or bad things happen to her It's such a minor job usually danger free It's just not a good premise I get that the author was going for a concept where a small fry gets caught up in a big deal but the Messenger thing didn't work for me The supporting characters were better Alex the vampire doctor and Ted the cop are suitably compelling and hot Although Melina's relationship with Ted is simplistic and rushed Paul the werewolf is intriguing Melina's roommate Norah is sweet but too stupid to live; after 15 years if pretending she didn't know what was going on she waited until disgusting vampires have killed a friend to insist on tagging along and seeing what's going on? At least she got a reality check The teens are cute too but again TSTL for insisting on joining the big fight I enjoyed the guest appearances by KokopelliOverall it was OK If you're intrigued get it from the library or book swap but don't pay full price

  3. Tracy Tracy says:

    Ever wonder how all those kick ass heroines in popular Urban Fantasy got their start? How they actually became kick ass? You don't usually see the mighty heroine's humble beginnings by the time they're heroines they're usually already there Well Melina Markowitz may just be the answer to those idle wonderings An unexpected drowning and resuscitation at the age of three marked Melina as a member of the arcane and called her into service as a Messengersort of like the supernatural's answer to FedEx She scurries to and fro with messages and items that need to get from Point A to Point B when the exchangees are better off not meeting face to face With her calling come the nifty perks of better than human speed strength senses and endurancebut no paycheck so she's stuck working not just one side job but two She's an admissions clerk at the local ER by night and a part time martial arts instructor by day She knows several different disciplines of the arts but that didn't come with the calling that came with hard work a lot of practice and the guidance of best friendmentorformer Messenger herself Mae who owns the dojo that Melina workstrains atMelina's leading her slightly than average life with as little effort as possible when one day a routine drop turns ugly and she's beset by ninjas gets her butt firmly kicked and stumbles onto an insidious evil that's taking over the streets of her town Try as she might she just can't seem to push the responsibility of dealing with this evil off onto anyone else and she tries really hard to do just that so she's stuck dealing with it herself But what the heck is she going to do about it? She's just a Messenger after allWith a potential love interest who'd be perfect if he wasn't a cop a McDreamy esue ER doctor who makes her drool who'd be perfect if he wasn't a vampire and a surly but protective bartender who's yummy even though he's a werewolf Melina is going to find out just how kick ass heroines get their start as she struggles to find out what's going on while keeping everyone she cares about safe But there is very little 'safe' in the world of 'Danes mundaneshumans or 'Canes arcanessupernaturals and straddling that fence between the two like Melina does is the most dangerous place of allGreat premise in Don't Kill The Messenger and definitely a uick sometimes humorous but definitely deadly new urban fantasy premiere I liked it uite a lot and when she wasn't annoying me I enjoyed spending time in Melina's head There's much to appreciate here with Rendahl adding a fresh voice and new eyes to this original UF novel Points to her for offering a well worn genre some new blood with some bite of it's own The plot kept my interest was paced uickly and smoothly and was dangerous enough to be truly threatening There were however some problems for me that kept it from being a truly great readDon't Kill The Messenger is told in first person from Melina's perspective and I had some problems with the narrative Melina doesn't explain much about the world she's living in the narrative is about her thoughts on every little thingeven the most mundane like how much she loves her carand that causes two problems the world never really becomes totally clear or real for me and the rambling internal monologue gets old I was very tired of hearing about her car far before the end and seems silly in the face of true crisis at times I can deal with the rambling because that's where the humor really shines and there were many moments that made me chuckle but I definitely felt the hit on the lack of world building I also felt there was a disconnect between how Melina describes herself as able to kill with her pinkie at one point and the fact that she gets her butt kicked or gets manhandled over and overeven by a single human 'Dane More than once she praises her enhanced senses and strength and every time they fail her in one form or another That's a problem for me story wiseA couple of plot problems niggled me too I started wondering why if not delivering a message or package caused cosmic and increasing bad luck for Melina there were no ill effects of having one stolen from her by those butt kicking ninjas and no reason given for why there weren't any a simple nod to the difference between being stolen and being ignored would've sufficed but it should've at least been addressed Or how someone could make exact duplicates of something they've never seen before details withheld to prevent spoilers There were also a plethora of cultural and pop culture references and I didn't always get themMae calling Melina to task for being irresponsible and telling Melina she needs to take a stand was very abrupt but the issue was compounded by Melina's downright petulant and childish reaction to it Nothing about that really worked for me and while I can understand the necessity of the wake up call I wish it had felt organic to the story and that Melina's reaction to it didn't make her seem like a five year old I was very glad though that Melina's ambivalence and blinders on lack of concern with the world around her as a whole was addressed At one point she blithely mentions that she figures something she delivered at one time or another contributed to someone's deathand I was a little horrified that she could be sodetached about that Some coping mechanism or thought should've been interjected here because we've surely read every other thought that passed through Melina's head To not do so in this case made her seem extremely self involved to the detriment of her characterThose were all annoyances that lessened my enjoyment of Melina as a character and the book as a whole but there's one big thing that just ticked me off and frustrated me to no end because it's one of my top three major pet peeves in books Stupidity Rampant idiotic stupidity Melina suffered a severe case of the stupids as the conflict of the book reached it's climax Everything she did most of what she thought and just about in every way possible she was stupid There were a few smatterings of a ditzy lack of intelligence through the first part of the book the surveillance camera incident for example but towards the end when relatively mild Messenger girl tries to turn into the Messengernator the climax in my opinion fell apart Several B grade horror movie cliched no no's were tossed in and both Melina's internal monologue and the character's dialogue went really really wrong It was an unfortunate turn that didn't uite recover by the end but the impact was lessened by some good stuff too the way Melina's circle of friends started to come together the interplay between Alex Ted and even Paul and some other things that were positive enough to not forgivebut at least smooth out my overall impression of the book in total I would've happily offered up four stars prior to the Melina intelligence meltdown though so it did have an impactI would still recommend Don't Kill The Messenger for those who truly enjoy urban fantasy and really jones on fresh story telling but I would caution those who are sticklers for world building and like their kick ass heroines smart at all times Melina's not there yet but I definitely think she's moving in that direction I plan to follow this series and look forward to book two hoping for character growth and a bit world definition Still the fresh story decent secondary characters and a pleasant amount of action were very nice Reviewed for One Good Book Deserves Another

  4. Katie(babs) Katie(babs) says:

    Melina Markowitz is a very busy woman Not only is she working two jobs to make ends meets but has another secret one where she doesn't get paid at all Melina is known in the supernatural world as a messenger Those creatures of myth and legend such as vampires werewolves and even imps do exist because they expect Melina to deliver packages and other messages to one another Melina has no choice because if she ignores this call horrible things will happen to her and she'll get very sick If only her mother had paid closer attention to her when she was three years old Melina fell in their pool and almost died but because of this near death experience she has developed this strange sixth sense and is one of the few in Sacramento California available for the jobAs Melina finishes the night shift at her second job at the Sacramento City Hospital vampire ER doctor Alexander Bledsoe gives her a package to deliver to the head of the local vampire governing board Melina tries to keep to herself when it comes to the sexy undead doctor because he could gnaw on one of her arteries if he so chooses She finds it odd that he wants her to deliver something to one of his own but never the less she does what she's told Before she can drop off the package ninjas attack her in broad daylight Melina should be able to hold her own against them because she's very skilled in martial arts and has been since she's been seven years old and works at the River City Karate and Judo with another messenger who was able to retire Melina is given uite the beating by these ninjas and they steal the package She finds out the ninjas are responsible for terrorizing the city especially the gangs by controlling Chinese vampires called kiang shi that tear gang members limb to limb and eat their flesh Melina witnesses this and places an anonymous call to the police But because her undercover skills are very lacking she is confronted by Office Ten Goodnight who Melina nicknames Surfer Cop because of his good looks Goodnight is onto Melina and she feels he's watching her every move although he also seems interested in her in other ways Dr Bledsoe doesn't like Melina having a possible romance with Goodnight because she could let it slip about his people among the other creatures she interacts with There also maybe a bit of jealousy on his end Melina is stubborn and refuses to listen to anyone even when she's given a bloody calling card at the hospital as a warning She continues to investigate in such places as a Taoist temple in Old Sacramento where the vampires are kept in an old crypt controlled by a man with a ring of bell who can cause bloodshed and destructions the likes of Sacramento has never seen And when a close friend of Melina ends up dead because of her meddling she turns to Goodnight and Bledsoe to help her stop these criminals before innocent people dieDon't Kill the Messenger should have been an original thrilling urban fantasy but what I read instead was a re hash of every single urban fantasy I've read over the past few years Eileen Rendahl does try something different especially with the heroine Melina but it didn't work because of her overall lack of a role as a messenger which is conveniently pushed to the side because of the way Melina stumbles onto this underworld of Chinese vampires She really does some too stupid to live moves and I really couldn't get a handle on her motivation and her thoughts were so scattered all over the place She comes across as of an airhead where one minute she's focused on something important and then the next something very silly and immature that doesn't have anything to do with the overall storyMelina's romance with Ted Goodnight had promise as well as the idea of a possible love triangle including the vampire doctor Bledsoe But because Melina is so lacking as a character I couldn’t see why these two men would even be interested in her Also the sex scenes seem tacked on and the constant reasons why Melina is such a loner and how she's difficult to get alone with grated on my nervesThe gruesome scenes with the zombie like Chinese vampires were also boring and didn't shock in anyway At times I felt that Ms Rehndahl was trying too hard with her writing because she knew Don't Kill the Messenger had to be different to keep the reader interestedBecause Don't Kill the Messenger didn't hold my attention I won't be reading the second book in this series Melina was just too flighty with her thoughts and actions along with her overall lack of intelligence This one is a pass

  5. Nancy D Miz-Firefly aka Sparky Nancy D Miz-Firefly aka Sparky says:

    The foundation of this book drove me nuts Melina is a Messenger She lives in a world of Canes Arcanes Vampires werewolves and assorted mystical creatures who do not interact with eachother And Danes Mundanes normal people who have no idea the Canes exist No one gave her the job She doesn't have a boss or a handler or even a soulless bureaucracy to answer to The whole messenger gig is kinda wacked Some creature shows up with an envelope or a gizmo or dingus and says take this to Sometimes she knows who the recipient is Sometimes she sort of feels her way to who she thinkshopes the recipient is There is no training manual or website And apparently bad things happen to her if she fails to deliver the messageDespite hating the foundation this story was cruising toward a 4 or maybe 4 12 because I loved the authors voice and the story was pretty durn entertaining But the delivery fell apart down the homestretch Each of the Arcane communities keep pretty much to themselves If it doesn't effect the werewolves they don't care about it Likewise the Vampires if it doesn't effect them they don't care about it either etc Melina's last messenger gig has gone awry The Arcane gizmo she was supposed to transport was stolen and is being used to start a human gang war And since it doesn't effect any of the Arcane communities they don't care Melina is on her own Rendahl did a fine job painting the mc into a corner None of her arcane acuaintances want to get involved She has a sweet roommate who doesn't know anything about Melina's messenger responsibilities or Arcane connections And a new flame? A cop whom she should be holding off with a 10 foot pole because it's a bad idea for Danes to discover the Arcanes I was looking forward to the resolution of all the disparate pieces of Melina's life coming together Until I got down to about 60 pages left in the story and it was like the author said screw it It's too much work I'll just skip over the coming together part And BAM Instant team I flipped back two or three times to make sure I hadn't missed a chapter Nope One page Melina is an island all on her own The next page everyone is on her team Talk about whiplashOver all I loved Rendahl's voice And she created great characters Her vehicle drove me crazy but all things considered was a pretty fun ride

  6. ♫♥✿LovLivLife Reviews✿♥♫ (Chasity) ♫♥✿LovLivLife Reviews✿♥♫ (Chasity) says:

    To view review on my blog off this cover rocks and definitely caught my eye finger snap like thatDon't Kill The Messenger is a great title and descriptiveMelina Markowitz is just that a MessengerShe skirts the lines between Mundanes'Danes humans and Arcanes'Canes those whoare among the things of myth and camp fire storiesShe is a Messenger or in Melina's words a glorified gopherThere is no payment to reward the burden but all the risk involved She is the go to gal when creatures of the 'Cane world want something delivered Beit a message or possessionOnce a child hood tragedy has led to the everyday life not fully fitting in anywhereMelina is an engrossing Protagonist and a pleasure to readShe has been 'different' since age three when she died and was brought backHer life seems to be a string of happenings and not so much as livingMelina's complexity is gladly welcomed Is it weird to say I find her humor at times dark refreshing?For instance page 16 in reference to the rules of not killing the Messenger butseeing as how many creatures she rubs elbows with don't always heed rules regardless of punishmentIf I die I'd like to know that someone will suffer after I am gone I'm just that kind of littleray of sunshineThis humor continues throughout the novel What I particularly like is how Eileen Rendahlweaves this humor into various settings in the novel from sharing back story to fighting scenes andeverything in betweenDon't Kill The Messenger introduces readers to an array of characters and creatures Melina spends majority of the novel tracking down Kiang Shi Chinese Vamps and their evil doinghuman puppeteers Chaos is in her city and somehow she finds herself in middle of it allWill she be able to reign in the chaos?There is action of all sorts present here flirting with handsome men to flirting with danger hi yahhh My sad attempt of a Ninja

  7. Jan Jan says:

    SPOILER ALERTI'm truly shocked to see this book getting such great reviews on GoodreadsI decided to pick up this book because I'd read another book by Rendahl that I enjoyed and because I enjoy a good vampirezombiewerewolf book as much as the next person I have never read a paranormal romance before unless you count the Sookie Stackhouse books which I guess kind of are Perhaps this is why I don't get the love for this bookI found the juvenile voice of the lead character very irritating Perhaps a informal style of writing is common in paranormal romances; I don't know I found it incredibly difficult to relate to a 26 year old lead character who said things such as I so did not need to hear that and George really harshed my buzz Seriously? I know this book is set in California but it's not 1985 any; I'm pretty sure valley girl speak went out of style before this character would even have been bornAnd don't even get me started on the actual plot So a gang of TRIADS one of the most dangerous gangs in the world has an parcel of Chinese zombie vampires at their disposal and the only thing they can think of to do with them is start a war between two other rival gangs so they can take over the MARIJUANA trade in the city of Sacramento? Excuse me while I laugh myself sillyI also thought that her half hearted alleged attraction to the Alex character was lazy on the author's part It was obvious that she was into Ted Goodnight ugh that name from the beginning and that he was intended to be her romantic lead The author's attempts to give the book a little extra drama by trying to create this pathetic love triangle was disappointingI'm giving this book two stars only because it did have a few interesting ideas In just writing this review I almost talked myself into giving it only 1I think it's safe to say that I won't be reading the I can't believe it's even been written seuel to this book

  8. Michelle, the Bookshelf Stalker Queen of the Undead Michelle, the Bookshelf Stalker Queen of the Undead says:

    Melina Markowitz is a messenger She didn't plan on being a messenger and she isn't always happy to make her deliveries Neverthless she does her job when she is forced to Who she is a messenger to is interesting than the fact that she is a messenger She delivers packages notes and other important items to members of the arcane which includes vampires werewolves and other creatures Melina screws up one of her deliveries It's not really her fault but the conseuences are hers to bare regardless She is attacked by a group of Ninjas yes Ninjas and never delivers a vampire to vampire delivery Because she failed at her delivery she tries to recover the item This is where the story becomes even uniue and interesting Melina uncovers than she should when investigating where her missing delivery went In fact she stumbles into a vicious gang war Not your ordinary gang war but a war involving Chinese vampires and the master that controls themit totally works in this story as weird as it sounds Melina makes serious mistakes along the way but she also learns about herself and her abilities There is a love relationship but it only adds to the story I loved how uniue the entire story was It's hard to be uniue even though you are writing about vampires and werewolves It seems that some of the authors are unwilling to take risks and they stick with the same stereotypical blood sucking devilishly handsome vampire mold The author goes way beyond the stereotypes in this book This is why I loved it so much

  9. Jess Jess says:

    I gave this one 35 starsOkay so I will give a brief synopsis since it seems that many haven't read this one yet The main character is named Melina and she is what's known as a Messenger She is the go between for different species so for example a vampire needs something delivered to a werewolf he will reuest for Melina to do it This is mainly to prevent fights between species that don't like each otherWhile Melina is on her way to deliver a pkg from one vamp to another vamp she is ambushed by ninjas I sort of laughed at that part thinking it was ridiculous but it was explained they weren't really ninjas What she discovers is that the things that attacked her are known as kiang shi Chinese vamps They are reeking havoc in the city and Melina doesn't know if she should intervene or not What I liked about this book was that it's different Albeit a little strange in some places but I think I'd prefer a little bit of strangeness than a carbon copy of everything else out there Yeah there were the vamps and the werewolves and they are pretty much the same as in every other book But there were also mention of trolls imps and I can say I've never heard of the Chinese vamps who were like undead vamp zombiesI liked Melina's character But towards the end she sort of got that TSTL mentality but I can brush that off Ted Goodnight's character was cute but fluffy I liked the vamp Alex he was definitely sexyThe reason I didn't really rate it higher was that it was a really slow moving book Yeah sometimes I complain when books are constantly filled with action but this one moved like molasses I'd like a nice in between if it's possible lolI'm definitely curious about another book if there is even going to be one I would like to see where the author takes the characters and the plot line

  10. Wyrdness Wyrdness says:

    25 starsMeh I'm really not sure I can be bothered to write a proper review about this It had some good ideas and it wasn't awful in fact it was purely mediocre and perhaps that's most of the problem I have with it There's some good ideas floating around but there's also a lot of time spent with the character not doing much other than driving around bitching about how she doesn't want to be a Messenger and No One Asked Her Of course in real life I'd have some sympathy for her but in a book I read for entertainment the Pity Party gets old incredibly fast I was also underwhelmed with the abortive Love Triangle I'm not really sure what was going on there since it was the tired old he's hot but so is he vibe going on until it suddenly swerved in to a relationship with one guy Whilst I like the decisiveness of it and hate angsty tortured love triangles I can't uite help wondering why it was added in the first place if it wasn't going to play any part in anything Very confusing Things did pick up towards the end but I'm really not convinced I care enough to try the next one out I think this is a me thing rather than the series on the whole though I think I've got to the stage where I've read so many similar UF with female protagonist stories that I've had to raise the bar higher than I usually would

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