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Tensleep (Em Hansen Mystery, #1) Some People Would Call Meeteetse, Wyoming, A One Horse Town But, In Reality, There Are Plenty Of Horses Just Not Very Many People Crouching Between The High Peaks Of The Absorakas Mountains And The Lonely Badlands Of The Big Horn Basin, Meeteetse Draws Its Thin Living From The Nearby Oil Fields And Ranches And The Occasional Tourist Neighbors Know Each Other S Business All Too Well In Meeteetse The Dueling Gossips At The Blue Ribbon Cafe And The AW Not To Mention The Cowboy Bar Regulars Make Sure Of That Yet Much Like In The Oil Business, Sometimes The Most Interesting Facts Are Hidden Beneath The Surface In Her Tiny Office In The Dingy Blackfeet Oil Company Trailer Where She Works As A Mudlogger, Em Hansen Makes A Living Out Of Tracking What S Beneath The Surface Of The Endless Wyoming Prairie Often The Only Woman On The Isolated Oil Rig, Em Has Perfected The Art Of The Low Profile Both Personally And Professionally And It S That Very Detachment That Allows Her To Detect An Unusual Pattern Of Events On The Rig Bill Kretzmer, The Blackfeet Oil Company Geologist, Was A Meticulous Man And Em S Friend And Mentor Yet When His Pickup Truck Overturns One Night On A Familiar Road, His Death Is Chalked Up To Carelessness No One, Except Em, Notices That The Private Files In Which He Kept His Own Drilling Notes Are Missing Em S Curiosity Soon Attracts The Unwanted Attention Of Ed Meyer, The Boorish Chief Engineer Meyer S Attention Can Be Dangerous As Any Woman Who Knows Him Can Attest But Is There To His Harassment Than His Standard Leering, Macho Routine As Em Pursues Her Intuitions, She Discovers Friends She Never Knew She Had On The Rig And At Leastone Murderous Enemy Tensleep Marks The Debut Of Both The Exceptionally Talented Sarah Andrews And Her Endearing Hero Geologist Em Hansen.

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    Tensleep offers an element that I like in a mystery it teaches something as I read along I learned quite a bit about the process of drilling for oil in Wyoming, on which the mystery and characters were dependent The heroine s self deprecating account of her femininity is...

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    Stuck on an oil drilling rig in the Wyoming badlands with a bunch of roughnecks is a tough place for a woman But feisty, sharp edged Emily Em Hansen, working as a mudlogger, calls this patch of Tensleep Sandstone home She is about to call it deadly First the rig s geologist has a fatal accident Then a young well worker is killed out in the wilds The investigation is moving slower than sludge, and Em wonders if something blacker than oil is being covered up Soon she is...

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    While the plot seems to have driven the character development for some of the characters and it is a time warp to read about vertical drilling rather than horizontal drilling, Andrews book is so true to life she was clearly writing from her own experience Insiders have seen the Ridgid Tool calendar and experienced the stifle the punch reaction to physical harassment Andrews describes It s called need the job At the same time, she clearly knows and loves geology Andrews writes her sett While the plot seems to have driven the character development for some of the characters and it is a time warp to read about vertical drilling rather than horiz...

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    Em Hanson is stuck on an oil rig, working as a mud logger First, the rigs geologist has a fatal car accident Then a young well worker is killed out in the field The investigation is going slow and Em is wondering if there isto these deaths then what it appears.N...

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    This was my favorite Sarah Andrews novel, maybe since I read it while working in Pinedale, Wyoming, which is a town very similar to the town near the oil field where the murder takes place I really liked it.

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    Excellent read, enjoyed the setting just outside where I live , oil field, geology, and of course murder.

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    For every female geologist who worked on a oil drilling rig in the 1980s Andrews gets it exactly right.

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    I read a later book in the series first and found this one to pale in comparison I thought it was really boring, took a long time until we got to the mystery part, and present people from Wyoming in a strange way I ve...

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    good author

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    Kind of lame Two and a half stars, really I won t be reading the rest of the series.

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