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Game Wars: The Undercover Pursuit of Wildlife Poachers Read Game Wars The Undercover Pursuit Of Wildlife Poachers Marc Reisner Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Every Day, A Dirty War Is Being Fought Against Dozens Of Threatened And Endangered Wildlife Species In America As Well As Abroad, The Counterinsurgency Campaign Against The Poachers And Smugglers Is Being Waged By U.S Fish And Wildlife Undercover Agents Game Wars Offers A Stunningly Written, Firsthand Account Of How These Agents Operate.

10 thoughts on “Game Wars: The Undercover Pursuit of Wildlife Poachers

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    A great book highlighting the many threats faced by rangers in their line of duty, while bringing to light the various wildlife related crimes happening in and around the United States.

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    James Bond in a lumberjack shirt A great read and a provocative look at how much poaching impacts our open spaces.

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    Reisner provides some interesting insight into the world of poaching in the United States I was not aware of how much poaching went on domestically, and naively thought it was a problem that restricted itself to Africa Perhaps the most shocking revelations from this book, in my opinion, are those dealing with the ivory trade Parallels can be drawn between ivory and any other drug trade, from the deals made on the down low, to the kingpins that run the trade, and to the...

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    Entertaining look into the invisible world of game poachers.Not on the same level as Cadillac Desert, but what is.An excellent if depressing read.

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    Great book Reisner tells some incredible stories of game wardens and the largely unknown world of wildlife poachers across the United States Really cool stuff.

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    an unprecedented and explosive report from the front lines of the battle to save the world s endangered species Now that sounds like a book I would like, I am giving it a try.

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