Murder by Mocha PDF/EPUB ↠ Murder by PDF or

Murder by Mocha PDF/EPUB ↠ Murder by PDF or

Murder by Mocha (Coffeehouse Mystery, #10) ❰PDF❯ ✩ Murder by Mocha (Coffeehouse Mystery, #10) Author Cleo Coyle – Clare Cosi, manager and head barista of the landmark Village Blend coffeehouse, can brew a beverage to die for But can she stir up some evidence against a bitter killer who s gone loco for mocha Clare Clare Cosi, manager and head barista of the landmark Village Blend coffeehouse, can brew a beverage to die for But can she stir up some evidence against a bitter killer who s gone loco Murder by PDF or for mocha Clare s Village Blend beans are being used to create a new java love potion a Mocha Magic Coffee billed as an aphrodisiac Clare may even try some on her boyfriend, NYPD detective Mike Quinn when he s off duty, of course The product, expected to rake in millions, will be sold exclusively on Aphrodite s Village, one of the Web s most popular online communities for women But the launch party ends on a sour note when one of the Website s editors is found dead When of the Website s Sisters of Aphrodite start to die, Clare is convinced someone wants the coffee s secret formula and is willing to kill to get it Clare isn t about to spill the beans, but will she be next on the hit list Includes recipes and coffee making tips.

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  1. Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) says:

    In book ten of the Coffeehouse Mystery series by Cleo Coyle, for once a case is pushed onto her instead of her walking into one And I have to mentioned this up front but it doesn t change the tone of this book a little bit When one of Madame s friend wakes up beside a dead man, she freaks out All this is understandable but what isn t is the fact that it seems like deaths are happening because of a drink, an aphrodisiac drink made by the same java that Clare sells in her Village Blend.I thought I would like this book a lot because it has a bit of a sexier tone to it dealing with aphrodisiac but this entire book felt quite different from the others Like I mentioned, this case is thrust upon Clare instead of her walking into it, which kind of takes her out of it a little bit I didn t feel like she was that connected to the case as others where the victims are friends of hers or something like that.Additionally, the writing also feels a little different too It s a little all over the place There s quite a lot of dialogue which I don t mind but this is one of Clare s tougher cases I think and for whatever reason I wasn t that into it as some of the other books in the series I just felt like this one as a little choppy than the others but still enjoyable.So while it s not my most favorite of the series, I have to say it s probably the most imaginative cases from what we ve seen from Cleo Coyle so far.

  2. candice candice says:

    I enjoyed this series when I started reading it, but I am starting to get tired of it it s just not that interesting any I love the coffeehouse setting but the murders are now getting pretty contrived It was also overly long Disappointing.

  3. Mason Mason says:

    Opening the pages of MURDER BY MOCHA is like stepping inside my favorite coffeehouse with friends there waiting and a few new faces to greet The sights, sounds and smells are brought to life by the talented writing of author Cleo Coyle.Readers who aren t coffee drinkers don t need to shy away from this tantalizing book and series While there are references to coffee and all it s amenities there is murder, mayhem, and suspense all wrapped up with a splash of romance, a dollop of humor and a lot of love for family and friends.Clare Cosi is the manager and head barista of the landmark Village Blend coffeehouse in Greenwich Village Clare s boss, Madame Dreyfus Allegro Dubbors who is also her former mother in law has gone into partnership with an old friend Madame has agreed to use the Village Blend coffee beans to create a new java love potion, Mocha Magic Coffee, billed as an aphrodisiac.The new product will be sold exclusively online at Aphrodite s Village, a popular website community for women At the launch party, however, one of the website s editors is murdered When tragedy continues to strike the website s Sisters of Aphrodite, Clare thinks the secret formula behind the Mocha Magic Coffee is the key and could be illegal.Clare works to find the answers to the murders and save her beloved Village Blend s reputation at the same time Can she uncover the killer before she becomes the next victim The twists and surprises will keep you guessing.To add to her mounting problems Clare s boyfriend, police detective Mike Quinn, is asking that question her daughter, Joy, is home from Paris and closer than ever to Sergeant Franco and a cold case involving a slain police officer has surfaced that implicates Madame.Author Cleo Coyle has created a group of multifarious characters who are intriguing and likeable She also introduces a group of eclectic minor characters who further add dimension to the story As Clare undertakes to solve the murders, she also maintains her determination and loyalty to keep her family safe.MURDER BY MOCH is the 10th installment in the Coffeehouse Mystery series and each new adventure just keeps getting captivating Readers are able to pick up any books in this series and not feel as though they are missing half the story There s just enough back story to help new readers understand, while reminding returning fans of exciting past adventures.An extra feature of the book is the coffee making tips and recipes included at the end The scrumptious recipes include such treats as Aphrodisiac Brownies, and Roasted Rock Cornish Game Hens with Rosemary and Lemon Butter.

  4. Beverly Beverly says:

    Murder, Coffee, and Chocolate what could a mystery bookworm want This is the tenth installment in the Coffee House Mystery series and I enjoyed this book just as much as all the ones before it.They say that revenge is a dish best served cold, but it can also be as bitter poorly brewed coffee And bitter revenge is at the heart of this story In addition to a well crafted if slightly darker mystery, we also get a glimpse into Madame s back story Even if coffee is not your thing, mystery lovers will still enjoy this series and this installment in particular Readers who find cozy mysteries to be a little too light, but are not quite ready for a true blood and guts thriller will find Murder by Mocha a nice compromise.What I liked about this book Personally, I like the inclusion of recipes and coffee brewing tips However, if they are not your cup of tea you can easily ignore them as they are included at the end of the book rather than scattered throughout the story I love all the regular characters Reading about them is like having coffee with family I also especially like that there is no irritating, pain in the butt character Many cozy mysteries include an annoying character as a foil for the heroine or maybe for comic relief I m never quite sure Coyle s characters are well developed and in my opinion very interesting I would love to learn about any of them.What I didn t like about the book OK The new barista, Nancy seems a little goofy It was hard to figure out if she was truly the bumpkin she appears to be or if maybe she is hiding something I wasn t sure why she was added to the story, but it certainly didn t take away from my enjoyment of the book.If you have read any of my previous reviews of the Coffee House Mysteries you will know that I am a big fan When I find a series I enjoy this much, I always begin to worry if the series will eventually get boring or annoying or just lose something I m very pleased to say that is not the case with this series Murder by Mocha is a must read for Coyle fans and anyone who likes a mystery with a good cup of Joe.

  5. Sarah Sarah says:

    Why I read the book Murder by Mocha was part of a mystery book display at my local library Since I enjoy all things coffee, I decided to give it a read It is the tenth book in the Coffehouse Mystery series I haven t read any of the other books in the series, but I had no trouble reading Murder by Mocha as a stand alone book Synopsis of the book Clare Cosi is the manager and head barista of Village Blend, a popular coffeehouse in New York City The Village Blend s specially roasted coffee beans are being used in a new Mocha Magic Coffee touted as a caffeinated aphrodisiac The company launching the product has a huge online presence as an online community especially for women Things come screeching to a halt when one of the editors of the website is murdered Against her will, at first, Clare finds herself drawn into the mystery As things progress, questions are raised about the Mocha Magic Coffee, and Clare works to prove that her specially roasted coffee beans are above suspicion What I thought about the book Overall the book was good The storyline kept me interested and guessing at who the murderer was right up to the end Despite the excellence of the book, I am giving it a 2 star rating because the romance side of the story was far too steamy Some of the kissing scenes were downright awkward in the way they were written, and some of the other allusions could have been left out without hurting the story in any way If the romance hadn t been such overkill, I would have given this book a 5 star rating, compared the author to Agatha Christi and Donald Bain, buying my own copy, and making space on my murder mystery bookshelf.One final note Some of the other Goodreads reviews of this book say that Murder by Mocha is very different from the other Coffeehouse Mystery books The general speculation seems to be that the different tone is because of the aphrodisiac product the plot centers around Because of that, I am willing to try at least one other book in the series, rather than write it off completely I plan to update this review after reading another book in the series.

  6. Nancy Nancy says:

    Holy Smoke and Rockets this book is twisty and the reader is going to have to pay close attention to the plotline if there is any chance of understand who is responsible and why I love when a well liked series expands a character just a bit a character that you thought you knew, but come to find out that you only saw the tip of the iceberg That is what happened with Madame Allegro DuBois in Murder by Mocha I thought I knew her from the previous _____ books, but it appears that there was to the instant love and friendship that she had with her daughter in law Clare We now understand why after Clare s divorce from Mateo, Madame still holds Claire closer than anyone one else.As we know from the previous books, Clare is the manager of a coffee house that is owned by Madame, but there is to Madame s past and she had decided to help an old friend Alicia Bower who is trying to sell an aphrodisiac through an online consortium Mocha Magic uses village blend coffee with a few other added ingredients There is something to these ingredients that literally leaves a person unable to control their libidos Mateo is concerned, Officer Mike is concerned and now there are dead bodies piling up Not all are associated with the drink, but there is history with the woman that runs the online group and people keep dying.That might be a bit misleading, the storyline is a tad interwoven and at the end, you really have to pay attention as to how the different characters are tied together and who is on the killers list and why I adore every character in the Coffeehouse mystery books Cleo Coyle has a way of bringing out their personalities and quirks allowing the reader to differentiate between them.New love abounds and comfortable love settles in.

  7. Mary Mary says:

    I recently discovered this cozy mystery series I have read some of the later books but would like to eventually read the whole series All of the recurring characters are present in this book I really like Clare the main character and her relationships with all the other characters, especially her lover Mike Clare Cosi along with her ex husband and mother in law run a coffeehouse in NYC She actually gets along with her exes Matt ex hub and Clare share a grown daughter, Joy, who is studying to be a chef in Paris She is home for this story Mike Quinn, a NYC police detective, and Clare have a very loving and modern relationship Along with her day job Clare assists the police in solving murder mysteries There are two mysteries to be solved in this book and both are intriguing I would highly recommend Murder by Mocha or any of the books in this series If you enjoy reading Agatha Christie s Miss Marple mysteries I think you would like these books Think of Clare as a modern day, younger, Italian American version of Miss Marple.

  8. Jenny Jenny says:

    So, I ve been reading listening to these books as easy reading in the evenings The first 9 books were pleasant I m no prude but it was nice to read some mysteries that were clean reading without the main characters having a sex scene in the book Sure it has been alluded to but it wasn t necessary for the story Well, this one completely disappointed me It was like the author suddenly wanted to write steamy sex scenes It turned me off right away and stopped reading the book I m now officially done with the series and disappointed that I invested so much time in them to only be let down at book ten.

  9. Micky Cox Micky Cox says:

    Another entertaining murder, intrigue, corporate sabotage mixed with coffee and chocolate, what could you want to entertain you for an afternoon Claire and her cast of baristas, ex husband, detective boyfriend and are on the hunt to figure out multiple mysteries and each separate investigation could lead to the death of them all if they don t figure out the mystery in time As always an entertaining mystery wrapped in humor and compassion to keep you loving the time you spend at the Village Blend

  10. Mysteryfan Mysteryfan says:

    Too many subplots spoiled this book The main mystery involved a mocha drink, a mysterious web diva, and the murder of one of the website s organizers The solution involves going back into the history of some of the women involved in the website There s a subplot of corruption in the police department and another of a past love for Clare s ex mother in law And the mocha drink has a controlled substance in it.

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