The Sketchbook Challenge: Techniques, Prompts, and Inspiration for Achieving Your Creative Goals

Have you ever bought a new sketchbook, opened to the first page, and thought, Now what do I do Sue Bleiweiss and the talented minds behind The Sketchbook Challenge are here to help Imagine a supportive community of artists sharing the innermost pages of their sketchbooks and offering you tips

Journal Fodder 365: Daily Doses of Inspiration for the Art Addict

Art Journal Adventures Learn how to journal your exceptional story Life is not always extraordinary in all its details, but it is the sum of those ordinary events that add up to extraordinary lives The journal is no different With Journal Fodder 365, the Journal Fodder Junkies will lead you on a

365 Journal Writing Ideas: A year of daily journal writing prompts, questions & actions to fill your journal with memories, self-reflection, creativity & direction

Follow the undated daily journal writing prompts weekly actions in this book to fill your journal to the point of bursting Filled with memories, self reflection, ideas, inspiration, creativity, experiences, achievements, gratitude, short stories, photographs, goals and direction Unlock the

The Art of the Doodle: Discover Your Inner Artist - Includes Instructional Book and Guided Journal

Doodles become art in this beautiful guided art journal The instruction book, Guide to the Doodle, gives tips on creating doodles, coloring with pencils and markers, and ways to use your doodles such as for note cards, frames, gift bags, and There are six chapters paisleys, flowers, letters,

Dreaming From the Journal Page: Transforming the Sketchbook to Art

Transform your sketchbook to art The artist s journal is a great place to start a library of personal marks, doodles and ideas The reader is introduced to basics such as choosing a journal and then immediately guided into techniques such as color mixing, drawing and a variety of surface designs.

Art Journal Freedom: How to Journal Creatively with Color & Composition

Art Journal Color Art Journal Composition Art Journal Freedom Color is all around us and we often find ourselves drawn to particular combinations or arrangements But how can you effectively and artistically capture those eye catching compositions in your art journal It s true, art journaling has